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What is ADSL 2 Broadband Connection and What Makes it Handy in Australia

Here’s a bit of sad news for techies and internet aficionados in the Land Down Under, Australia is ranked 44th in the world when it comes to internet speed. This is according to a report from cloud service provider Akamai, a US-based company that regularly produces reports on broadband usage and internet connection speeds around the world.

Because of this, Australian internet users routinely notice deficiencies whenever they watch television via the internet or stream via Netflix and other service providers. Many experts add that if changes won’t be made, Australia may even drop further in the rankings.

There’s a bit of good news, though, you can enjoy fast and reliable internet connection by going for an ADSL 2 broadband plans by iiNet. What is ADSL 2 broadband? You ask. Well, it’s a type of connection that is specifically designed to work twice as fast as its predecessor: ADSL. It is known to deliver exceptional internet connectivity through telephone connections and works on the same principles of ADSL, but utilizes a more advanced technology to adapt to faster speeds.

In terms of speed, ADSL 2 broadband is simply off the charts. As a matter of fact, it can deliver speeds of up to 24 MB per second. This means, you can download a song from iTunes in seconds! This is, however, a theoretical maximum, but for sure you might get close to 20 MB per second if your connection is in tip-top condition.

Because of its superb speed, ADSL2 connection is perfect for online gamers who want to enjoy their favorite multi-player games to the fullest, entrepreneurs who need to perform crystal clear video conferencing, and hipsters who regularly listen to digital radio.

One downside is that it is only available in locations where the local telephone system has been upgraded. That said, if ADSL2 connection is available in your area, it would be best to avail for this one simply because of its superiority and reasonable rates.

To conclude, ADSL2 type of connection is perfect for you if you want to achieve high-speed and reliable internet connection. With this, you can enjoy live stream service, download iTune songs, without lagging and other delay issues.

Simply put, ADSL2 is a cut above the rest because of the advanced technology that is utilized to achieve exceptional results.