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Adding Color To Your Home With A Few Key Accents

When it comes to adding color to your home you want to make sure you don’t go overboard. A little color can bring some brightness into your home, but too much can just make your home look like a rainbow barfed in it.

The professionals will tell you to adopt an 80/20 rule, in which you keep 80 percent of your place in neutral colors with 20 percent color. There are some great ways to add some colors to your home without going overboard.

There are many reasons to add some color to your home. Not only does it help eliminate a dull and drab look, but it can actually help fight depression and help inspire you!

Try An Accent Wall

Paint one wall in your main room, or even bedroom, as an accent wall. Pick a color that inspires you and brightens your day. Your accent wall can then be decorated or just left as an empty wall- that’s completely up to you.

If you don’t want to paint, there is a new trend of using a removable wallpaper. This can give you a fun accent wall with colors and/or designs, and it’s something you can do even in a rental or apartment setting.

Toss Some Throw Pillows

Don’t feel like using a whole wall to make a colorful statement in your home? You don’t have to. You can also use your furniture to make your statement. One way to do this is through throw pillows.

Throw pillows can look great on chairs and on your couch or loveseat. Many people choose to use throw pillows as a way to add color to their bedrooms too. This splash of color will be more for brightening your day than company though.


What About Curtains?

Decorating Decor Interiors suggests using your curtains as a way to add color and brightness to your home. With curtains you can add a splash of color without much commitment, and you don’t even need to have a place to perch pillows.

With some colorful curtains you can brighten up the bathroom, making it more of a “rest” room. You can even brighten up your kitchen, making it a more inviting place for cooking. You’d be amazed at the changes a little bit of color in the home will do to the atmosphere and to your attitude.

There is definitely a reason why decor professionals suggest people add a little color to their homes. It not only makes your place look more inviting, but it also makes you feel more alive and even more relaxed in your own home.

You can decide what colors you want. Ask your design professional what colors to use to gain whatever feeling you want to portray. Blue is calming, while orange can be energizing.