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A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Oil – What it is and Where to Buy it

A beginner’s guide to cannabis oil. Learn more about what this oil is, how to use it, what it can be used to treat and where to buy it.

Most of you are probably familiar with cannabis smoking, but what about cannabis oil? As part of the growing trend, many medical marijuana patients are opting for oil instead of plant material to treat their medical issues. But what is cannabis oil? Where can you buy it? We’ll tell you everything you need to know in our detailed guide.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Just as its name suggests, cannabis oil is a sticky, thick substance between cannabinoids, like CBD and THC. The cannabinoids in the oil are extracted from the cannabis plant, indica or sativa.

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The oil is produced by separating the resins from the plant’s flowers. This is accomplished by using a unique extraction process.

Cannabis oil sometimes goes by other names, such as hash oil, marijuana oil, or Rick Simpson oil. Of the three main cannabis products available, oil is the most potent and concentrated. It’s taken orally or through a suppository, but oral is the preferred method. Those who are suffering with skin cancer may choose to apply the oil directly to the skin. Dosage and usage should be discussed with an experienced professional.

Because of its potency, hash oil is considered the best marijuana product for cancer and seizure patients. It’s also routinely used to help treat diabetes, gout, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, chronic pain, asthma, anorexia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and a host of other medical issues.

Marijuana oil is also rich in antioxidants, which can make it useful in treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.  

Where to Buy Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be purchased through a local dispensary, and in some states, online. Patients who are considering buying online should research the company before making a purchase.

Unfortunately, there are many online companies that are scamming people by selling illegitimate marijuana oil or oils with contaminants. In some cases, the products contain only trace amounts or no CBD or THC at all.

Dispensaries and local collectives are the best ways to obtain authentic, safe forms of cannabis oil. Currently, there are 8 dispensaries listed on that offer cannabis oil in Colorado, and five in Washington state.

While hash oil isn’t as popular as edible or flowers, a growing number of people are beginning to realize the benefits of this potent oil and using it as part of their treatment. With increasing demand, more dispensaries will be offering this oil in the future.