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9 Reliable Methods Of Building Trust In Blogging

Trust in blogging is the most important asset a blogger should have. The trust or credibility a blogger deserves is replica of the number of readers it will have and the number of customers that buy products recommended by him. Credibility solidifies the relationship of a blogger with his readers and that is how can get a loyal readership. There are many factors that trigger trust in blogging and here are the most trusted 9 methods that top building trust in blogging.



1) Design Transparency:

When it comes to blogging your blog’s design is the same as your office layout for any other business. If a new reader comes to your website for the first time and he smells something fishy trust me he will not even think twice to hit the back button.

  1. a) When design is our blog should be as transparent as possible. There should be lots of white spaces for your text to breath.
  2. b) Don’t use a shady design or one that comes from free or pirated themes.
  3. c) Don’t clutter unwanted elements in the navigation.

2) Use Plenty of Trust Boosters:

Trust boosters are as I call the element that boosts your trust quotient in the reader’s eyes.

  1. a) Make use of a great brand able header. Your header is the one that gets maximum attention when a reader or fellow blogger comes to your blog. Use a great logo that in a way replicates your ethics and business principles.
  2. b) Use a great logo. Bigger companies like Microsoft, Samsung apple amazon etc. have logos that defines them. Use a logo that tells your story just as these companies do. For ex; Mailchimp is related to writing and sending emails and there logo is so relatable due to the fact that it is hand written font and a clean look which signifies “no spams”.

3) Use Logos and Testimonials

Have you been to sites like probloggingsuccess, or What is the factor you find common on these blogs? It’s the display of AS SEEN ON space in the sidebar or the footer.

This is the ultimate form of trust building in blogging. When a reader comes and sees these logos of various companies he instantly connects with the blogger. He thinks “Okay I am not the only one who is related to this site, so I am not going to flee away and see what the site has to offer”.

Now when you are just a start up and you don’t have connection you can use sites that have linked back to your site no matter how small the linking site is. It doesn’t matter if people don’t know of the site you have displayed, just the fact that there is a site is enough to build trust.

4) Quality Content:

quality content is what every reader is searching for. If you have in-depth articles on a topic that solves every problem of the reader is a trust booster.

For this you have to know who your audience is and learn the problems they have. After this you start solving their problems. When you solve the problem of a reader he automatically starts trusting you and also will subscribe to your blog for more.

5) Don’t talk of Money Always:

It’s good to think about earning through your blog and also thinking to monetize it.

But if you want to build trust in blogging forget about displaying a paid banner on every free inch of space that your blog has. You can’t always discuss about the sponsored reviews and affiliate products around your blog. Talk of them once a while which the reader thinks is non-intrusive.

Adding sponsored reviews or affiliate products of things that you have used yourself will prepare you to answer any question your visitor has regarding a product. So better promote things that you have used personally or mention “Not used by me but I still recommend it” wherever possible this will build some trust in the readers eyes.

6) Move Together

If you want to build trust in blogging you cannot be a standalone product. You need to collaborate with the other bloggers around. Here are some tips on that.

  1. a) Regularly comment on other bloggers related to your niche – The simple funda behind this is to be visible as much as possible. Your blog is not the only one blog that your readers or sponsors will be following, right? So better show yourself up at every second place where they might possibly be on a hang out.
  2. b) Join groups or social blogging communities where other bloggers can be found. Network with them and build trust and relationship with them. Link to their content and appreciate their hard work. This will promote a sense of helping back in them and they will promote your products as well. This will result in more visibility and enhance trust.

7) High Number of Followers:

Consider a site with two Facebook followers and 40 twitter followers and no presence on Google plus at all. Similarly consider a site with 899 Facebook followers (could be even 30K) and 400 twitter followers. Which site would you choose to read? Obviously the second site. So, if you have quality readers and subscribers in your blog show them up and help build trust on blogging. Major sites with awesome followers use these large numbers to force a visitor to subscribe to their blog due to the trust this numbers display and build.

You would like to check best twitter unfollow tool to manage your twitter followers. Managing twitter follower is not easy like other social network.

8) Multi Author Blogs:

Multi-author blogs always build more trust than single author blogs the percentage can vary from 62.96% for multi-author blogs to 37.04 % for single author blogs (source: Jeff

9) Cite the Sources of Your Data Analysis:

Whenever you tell something to your audience, specifically if it’s a statistics probability is that your audience will not trust you unless you show them the source from where you cited those. Just check #8 above, how many of you must have trusted that in case you did not see that source in the brackets? Yes that’s the power of citation. So just give your citations, references and credit to things and works (researches) that you have not conducted.

These were 9 reliable methods of building trust in blogging. What do you do to have a trust in the heart of your readers?

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