9 Reasons Why Industry Leaders Are Switching to Twill for Payment Processing

9 Reasons Why Industry Leaders Are Switching to Twill for Payment Processing 1

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There’s a new innovative software in the payment processing market that has been turning heads since its release. Twill is quickly becoming every entrepreneur’s favorite platform due to its efficient design and thrilling potential.

This article discusses why so many trusted professionals are switching to Twill and discusses exciting aspects of the new software, such as low fees, easy integration, and advanced features.

Customizable dashboards and features

Every business is different, which means that every business needs a unique processing system. Twill uses a no-code system to make customizing easy.

You don’t have to know how to code or have any understanding of web design—with a series of easy-to-follow steps and plenty of tutorials, you’ll feel like you can do anything.

Sync with other apps

Twill easily syncs with other apps so that you can take payments and gather analytics from every platform. The company has a full tech team dedicated to integration. Their experience and professionalism makes syncing apps simple and hassle-free.

Also, the team is available whenever you need them, so you’ll never have to figure out integrations on your own like you do with competing software.

Once you connect apps, you’ll be able to track your cash flow at a glance, allowing for efficient comparison and analysis. You won’t ever have to consult several different platforms and try to understand what the data means again!

Low rates

Twill offers some of the lowest rates for credit card transactions in the industry, so more money stays in your wallet. As for the fee that goes to Twill, the company is known for its honesty and transparency, so you can rest assured it is being invested back into creating even better features for you to use.

Helpful insights

The payment process is an essential part of a customer’s experience. A simple system will keep clients coming back, while a complicated and frustrating process will turn future customers away.

The best way to ensure your payment structure is working for customers instead of against them is with Twill’s insights. They reveal vital data that you can use to improve your approach. By doing this, you’ll see more client retention and satisfaction!

Top security

Security is crucial for payment platforms. Without it, your most sensitive data is at risk of getting hacked and used without your permission. Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common as technology advances, so you must be at the forefront of defense.

Twill’s enhanced security ensures your data is safe. With features like encryption, fraud detection, and advanced analytics, your personal information and customer data are secure and protected from any threats.

Ongoing support

Payment processing is at the center of your business. If one thing goes wrong, you might have to shut everything down, which results in losing money and frustration.

Twill prioritizes you and your needs, which is why they’re always available to provide support and fix any issues you have. Twill doesn’t stop there! They focus on building a genuine partnership that will help your business grow and become more successful.

Intuitive design

Another one of Twill’s significant bonuses is its intuitive design. Dashboards are easy to navigate and simple to understand. Most people can start using the software with no need for prior learning. You can jump right in and see your finances improving right away.

And, if you need extra instructions on one or more features, Twill has built-in tutorials and guides so that you can get the hang of everything immediately. This gives you more time to master the basics and learn the advanced features so that you can take your business to the next level.

All your data in one place

Due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with other apps, Twill keeps all your data in one place. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to see and understand your analytics and when you’re attempting to gain insights into how you can make your business better.

It’s also a major plus when you’re trying to send data to someone. You won’t ever have to look for your information again; it will all be in one place, conveniently ready to be safely sent wherever it needs to go.

Always accepted

Most payment platforms have several restrictions on what kind of transactions are accepted. Twill works with every payment type, from traditional credit cards to mobile app transfers. This lack of limits makes it easier for you to grow and scale your business without obstacles.

Should you join the industry leaders?

It’s clear why so many people are switching to Twill. The platform is secure, trusted by experts, and easy to navigate. With great data and intuitive features, you can quickly get your finances in order so that you can focus on the more important things.

Get started today by requesting a demo to learn more.

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