8 Social Media Mistakes that can alienate your Followers.

Online reputation is one of the many things that ought to be protected. Whether one is running a Facebook ad campaign, has a brand, or a personal account on social media, it should be a personal initiative to protect the name. Social media is a platform that connects entrepreneurs to their audiences. These entrepreneurs share part of their stories to connect and build networks far and wide. However, the main issue is whether anyone has an idea of what they do on social media. Any mistake made on social media could lead to serious consequences that could destroy an individual or the brand in general. Some of these mistakes are very simple but may alienate several followers.

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1.Being negative

Some people are known to be so good at complaining. These complains range from religion, economy, politics, competitors etc. Others are known to engage themselves in things like name calling and negative comments on something meant to be taken lightly. Such things will cost you a large number of followers.

No one wants to be associated with individuals who fail to respect other people. In addition to this, people have their personal struggles and they may not have the time to follow someone who makes their life harder than before. We are humans and we may get irritated by things once in a while. However, make it a habit of restraining your fingers from picking banters with online users. Always stay positive, it costs nothing but peace!

2.Being too generous in sharing personal information

Social media is a place of sharing things. As users, we choose what we want to share. However, we are all different. What we may term personal may be something normal to somebody else. The question is; can you distinguish between your personal information from business? If not, then you may have a problem with your audience. For a business page, strictly make it business. Your personal life should never weigh more than the page’s agenda. Yes, once in a while we may share something about our lives to your followers; but never make it a habit! Take your personal life to your personal account. You’ll get a sizeable number of fans peeping in to learn more about your personal life there.

3.Ignoring your fans/ followers.

As a follower, if I decide to follow your page, it is because I am interested. It doesn’t matter what my agenda is. In the business world, they say that the customer is always right. Additionally, a customer should be a top priority in a business. This is the same case in social media. Gathering loads of fans does not grant you a gate pass to arrogance.

Make your fans feel appreciated by answering their questions or commenting back. Engage them in questions and learn what they think about you. Again, don’t ask question then disappear in the wind. Let your fans know that their comments matter. It is as simple as liking it. When someone reaches out to you, never ignore them. Always respond to their concerns even when in no position to help.

4.using text over visuals

Before posting anything, always ask yourself this question: Do I ever read all the feeds that pop up on my screen? Once you have the answer, you may proceed to the next one; why do I ignore the long posts? These questions may sound cliché to some since the answer is very obvious. In social media, the eyes work more than the brain.

What attracts the eyes captures the mind. Common sense has it that compelling visuals will always attract the mind more than text. If you have a way of compressing a thousand words in one photo, go ahead and post that picture. People are not out here reading your long posts as you show off your expertise in vocabulary. The world is too busy to handle anything derailing their progress.

5.Posting incomplete posts

One may think that no one cares when they post incomplete texts or have broken links on their pages. Well you need to know that a lot of people actually care! No one has time reading texts that get cut off halfway. Again, why click on a link that takes me nowhere except the error 404 page? Audiences get really irritated by such mistakes. If I were your fun and found such mistakes on your posts, I would immediately look for the ‘unfollow’ button. We may forgive you for the first time. However, if the problem persists, we may not have further business on your page. The paramount thing to do before posting anything is proofreading to the latter.

6.Failure to learn about your audience.

Once you create a page, you need to know that your followers are people with different interests that precede the brand you are trying to make. Never make the mistake of assuming what your followers want. These assumptions could alienate fans from you since they may feel left out. Take time and learn them. This will help you to consider any of your messages before posting it. Always consider how your fans will react to a pos, which may give you insights into what to expect. Make a point of vetting your statements to avoid public embarrassments or humiliation.

7.Responding unprofessionally.

As brands or public figures, people will in one way or another face criticism from all angles. However, it all depends on how you choose to respond. As a brand, never make the mistake of looking so defensive or vulgar in public. Again, don’t be the kind that deletes negative comments or blocks different profiles that attack you. You should always rise above the critics. Soar like an eagle; choose a professional response for a negative comment. A good name precedes riches!

8.Sharing inappropriate photos.

Yes, it is true that the current society endorses nudity to some level; but do you have to do it to have followers? There are a big percentage of people that still value morals. No one wants to get caught unintentionally viewing inappropriate pictures on their screens. Whether you are a model or a fitness trainer, don’t go overboard trying to get attention. Let your posts be classy and relevant. Again, don’t be a depressing person who shares sad photos.


Gathering followers is not an easy task. Just like building an empire, it may take a while. However, the empire may collapse in a minute; irrespective of the resources it used. This is the same case in social media. Losing your fans may take only one single statement; a slip of your typing fingers could take your whole brand down! To strengthen your brand and keep your followers, avoid the above mistakes.

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