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8 Really Romantic Ways to Propose

1.     Out of this World

The closest anybody has got to proposing in space is a 35 year old French man call Sebastian. For £4,700 he hired an unmanned balloon from the company ApoteoSuprise who are “romance experts” from Paris. The giant space balloon was filled with helium and climbed to 18 miles above earth into the outer atmosphere, where a picture of the couple and the message “Vanessa, will you marry me?” was displayed on the balloon.  This was all recorded on multiple cameras which were parachuted back to earth after the balloon burst. The recorded footage enabled Sebastian to show the edited version to Vanessa who was the first person to receive a space proposal.

2.     Total Luxary and Privcy

Motu Tane is a private island located in the lagoon off the main island of Bora Bora.  The whole island can be rented to offer a 5* + experence for guests. At £36,300 per night, it’s an extravagant expense, but you’ll be proposing on one of the most secluded and induldgent islands on the planet. If you have hoardes of money stashed away, this is the ideal location to add the wow factor and celebrate in style away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Having a choice of proposal locations on the island also helps: from the private sweeping white sand beach with the sunset behind you, to a shaded forest hut with palm trees, and the sound of the wild sourounding you.

3.     Make a scene in a place you love

Wherever you are in the world you can make a scene in your special location and get others to join in and enjoy your special moment. A recent trend is flash mobs, where volunteers or hired performers dance or put on a range of performances in a public location. This varies from parks, restaurants, andtrain carriages to famous locations like Times Square in New York. The location can be made romantic and personal by using your song and adding narratives to the dance.

4.     ClassicRestaurant Proposal

One of the most common places to propose is in a restaurant. However, choosing the right placecan be tricky: do you go for the restaurant with history, where you first met,and spent many evenings chatting over a bottle of wine, or do you find an up-market, glamorous setting for your proposal?

Either way getting down on one knee over a romantic meal is classic. Some add to this with having the ring hidden within a course or presented by a waiter under a cloche. A classic restaurant proposal is simple, traditional and romantic.

5.     Say it in writing

Why not tell the world? One way to do this is to write the question big and loud for everybody to read and see how much you love partner. There are hundreds of examples of this and you be as imaginative as you want, some of the best examples of writing “will you marry me?” include cutting it into a field, having planes write it into the sky, falling off buildings into a crash mat with the question surrounding you and writing it on large sports boards that are seen by millions. Say it loud and proud as public affection is a romantic way to propose: the bigger the better!


6.     Surprise

Being proposed to is generally a surprise but you can go one step further and make it a real surprise, overwhelming even the strongest of partners as they are shocked, confused and happy all at the same time, this method results in an emotional proposal cocktail, guaranteeing a huge emotive reaction. To do this you can pull the surprise whilst they are at work or taking a plane that you shouldn’t be on. There are many ways it can be made personal but the key element is surprise.

The Image shows a news presenter being proposed to as she read out the days breaking news. The proposal took her totally off guard and was broadcast live around Australia.

The full proposal can be seen here:

7.     Propose with sport

Many large sporting events attract lots of people and particularly in America this seems like the ideal place to confess your love in front of thousands or even millions of people.  Using large screen or scoreboards your message can be broadcast to everybody in the stadium and even the people watch live.

8.     Get A little help

This is not the most traditional but is totally original and easy to make personal. The first thing you need to check is that your soon-to-be wife or husband is an animal lover – and then pick the right animal! There’s a saying; “don’t work with children or animals” – and this is the risk you run when basing your plan on a dog, cat or even a dolphin.

Using animals in weddings is not unfamiliar with many choosing their childhood dog as the ring bearer or even a cat. It can be super cute and if it pays off, it is bound to make the whole surprise even more special.

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