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8 features we want to see in Apple iOS 8

Apple Inc. is continuously updating its iOS operating system for iPad, iPod and iPhone categories. It started with the first version of iOS in June 29th, 2007 and later on in iOS 5 it was known to have featured with a USB connection to iTunes useful for activating iOS devices. Most recent update being recorded is iOS 7.1 with improved user interface and CarPlay being introduced for the first time.

At a Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple announced to showcase its new iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 for next updated mobile OS and desktop OS in near future. Apple has already revealed its plan for unleashing the new version from past few months.

As per report both iOS 8 and iPhone 6 are likely to feature Voice over LTE that helps in improving the call quality and efficiency. The new upcoming iOS 8 has been code named as Okemo and is assumed to follow the same design as that in iOS 7.

It has been rumored to feature with exciting apps like Healthbook and other hardware accessories. The launch of iOS 7 has increased the adaptation rate to 87 percent for the last seven months. Detailed feature overview for Apple iOS 8 is as follows:

  • Healthbook:

Apple has planned to add Healthbook in iOS 8, the new is considered as the finest app than any other apps present. This application helps to notify about the health and fitness related issues from the contact human body. It is featured with a simple user interface design where user can customise the visual of the Healthbook as per choice. The app is capable of tracking data for heart rate, nutrition, blood pressure, sleep, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, activity, respiratory rate and weight.

  • Messages:

Apple confirms to the launch of auto deleting of message threads to iOS 8. The option helps in deleting the threads from the user’s local device that has been prevailing for more than a month or a year. The aim is to provide space to avoid clogged of old message threads. Users will be available with an option for selecting the auto delete option.

  • Voice over LTE:

Another considerable feature for iOS 8 is the VoLTE in the next generation iPhones. VoLTE helps the calls to get transmitted over the same type of network and there by improves the quality of the call. To carry out this service it needs a carrier support to furnish with the service. In US the T Mobile network supports VoLTE where as AT & T and Verizon Wireless networks will be tested later this year.

  • CarPlay:

The successful running of CarPlay in iOS 7 version over the lighting cable has pushed Apple to try out CarPlay over WiFi in iOS 8. The feature has been lined up with Volvo indicating that the CarPlay will certainly work on WiFi later in future. Apple has been continuously trying to test this feature in iOS 7.1 and to some extent has achieved success for implementing in iOS 8.

  • TextEdit and Preview:

The feature aims serve as a tool to view Preview and TextEdit files stored in iCloud by OS X than actually editing PDFs, text documents and images. This Apple app developed for Mac OS are optimised for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

  • Voice Memos:

IOS 8 is best featured with redesigned or updated Voice Memos app for iPhone’s. As per known fact Gone was the fake microphone graphics and added was an interactive waveform. Complains were made on the Voice Memos app as it is difficult to navigate and editing controls are unclear. Apple has promised to bring a significant change to this feature.

  • Inter app Communication:

Apple has been working on the functionality test on apps that helps better communication from the App store. In common the service is known as XPC in the developer world. The introduction of API in the development for the last couple of years has removed it from being included in iOS 7 but as far as iOS 8 is conserved it is likely to get way through with this feature.

  • Performance:

With remarked improvement in OS functionality Apple is testing versions of iOS 8 to improve speed across the operating system. As per source Apple is trying to improve the time span in creating photo animations.

The information discussed will certainly come to light and for more updates you can find latest news about Apple plans at 9 to 5 Mac.