8 Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the fast-growing social media in the world today. It allows users to create profiles, share videos and photos as well as posting insta-stories. This has provided a wonderful platform for business people to showcase their products and increase their market base.

Recent research has shown that products and services suitable for people at the age of 14-35 years recorded the highest sales due to Instagram marketing in 2017. For Instagram marketing to work well for you, here are some do and don’ts.

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The Do’s

Optimize your bio

The bio is your first impression of your network. Make sure it is well articulated, presentable, and relevant to your brand. Bio-on Instagram also provides space for you to include links. Make use of this space to promote your blogs about your products. You can also include your website or link your Facebook page, and Twitter handles here. This increases your network, and after a short time, your business will grow faster.

Consistent posting

Instagram marketing requires consistency in posting for your brand to remain relevant. You don’t want your network to forget about your products and services! You can choose a posting rhythm of your choice, e.g., once a day, thrice a week, and so on. Studies have shown that 1-3 posts a day are ideal for businesses. It might be best to keep it that way.

Active interaction

This is the best way to engage your audience. You can ask questions or ask for opinions about your products. Even if you do not get answers promptly, you should never get discouraged. Always remember to reply to every comment and direct message (DMs). This kind of engagement is what keeps your business alive online.

Enlarge your circle

Remember that you don’t just create an Instagram account and find an audience waiting for you! You have to build your network as well. It is advisable to have your friends on board so that they can help you enlarge your network. You should also follow hashtags, send follow requests, or even join in trending conversations relevant to your business.

Try to get as many followers as you can. Sites like can help you to grow your followers.

Have a unique brand or signature look

This is very important, although it might be a bit tricky at first. However, after some time, the unique look will stand out and be a point of reference for your business. This is made possible by using specific appropriate filters, specific colors, consistent tone on photos, and the use of high-quality photos.

Be creative

This comes in handy during the formulation of captions and hashtags. Your caption should be eye-catching and remain relevant to your business. You ought to use business hashtags that the search engines will easily find. While editing your photos and videos, give it your best or hire experts if you cannot. Your creativity is what will distinguish your brand from others who deal with the same products.

Occasionally post behind the scene content.

This should only be done occasionally, e.g., you can share a video of your brand receiving an award or your desk operations. Such posts will make your audience know that you are actually a person and not a boring robot! If people see you winning awards, they will give more attention to your products.

Measure your performance and progress

Business and marketing require measuring to determine the progress. In Instagram marketing, progress can be traced in terms of the number of followers acquired, feedback received, and the number of sales done. At first, the progress might be slow, but it picks up later. This, of course, happens when you are consistent and patient.

The Don’ts

Do not over post

For a business, 1-3 posts daily are ideal. More than that will be annoying, and you might even lose followers. Over-posting leads to clogging of your followers’ feeds and also gives a non-professional impression.

Do not use your business account to post personal stuff.

Let your business Instagram profile be for business only. If you need to post your personal life or feelings, kindly create a personal profile. Although you can add some fun to your business account, it should be done professionally. Mixing business and personal profiles might confuse the audience.

Don’t use low-quality photographs.

Low-quality pictures normally get pixilated when they are uploaded online. Avoid using screenshots and low-quality cameras if you want your brand to stand out on Instagram.

Do not post plain photos.

Always remember to caption your photos and videos. Be creative and relevant. Captions give a clear and simple description of the photo; hence the audience can get your intentions.

Instagram marketing might be understated, but the potential it carries is beyond measure in a real sense. The above do’s and don’ts will certainly help you start your Instagram business profile and reap the maximum benefits.

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