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7 Ways to Boost Your Social Presence as an Online Freelancer

Social media is one of the most utilized platforms on the Internet. Millions of people spend a great deal of time communicating whether it’s personal or professional. When you need to boost your social presence, how you approach these platforms may play a prominent role in your success. What can you do to help boost your online reputation on social media websites?

Sharing Your Knowledge

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Demonstrating your expertise is one of the best ways to get the attention of those looking for your skill set. If you don’t have adequate knowledge, taking online courses can help strengthen your desirability. By expanding on various procedures, such as a payroll administrator course, your online resume may open doors you never thought were there.

Integrate With Many

While most people may have an affinity towards one social platform, you may want to consider expanding into others. Don’t focus your efforts on a single website. Instead of creating a single professional page on Facebook, integrate others such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This will expand your reach when developing yourself as an online professional.

Interacting With Others

Those who interact with others on social media are often the most successful. This includes contributing to group topics as well as comments on your postings. It’s all about engaging those who may be interested in your capabilities. Since you don’t know who is reading your content, it’s always best to treat everyone as a potential client.

Constant Updates Regarding Your Niche

From a professional perspective, your profiles should always center around your expertise. If you’re an office professional, posts regarding tips and tricks in that environment are more ideal than random posts of kittens playing. Keep your personal interests on your personal account. You also want to deliver regular content as it shows that you’re active and currently approachable.

Incorporate Imagery

Posts that include images are more likely to attract potential customers. Depending on what social media sites you use, this increase could be more than 20 percent. These images can then be utilized on sites such as Pinterest to boost your professional awareness even further. Your smartphone may have a decent camera installed; it’s time to use it.


Blogging can be greatly beneficial for two reasons: attracting clients and demonstrating abilities. Blogs can be used whether your a payroll administrator or an artist trying to get your work recognized. With various plugins and add-ons, you can create a central hub connecting to all of your social media accounts. This can create a web of interaction which may be capable of improving the reach of your target audience.

Promotional Advertising

If you’ve had a level of success already as an online freelancer, paying for promotions on social media may be beneficial. This can boost awareness of yourself while increasing the likelihood of obtaining more clients for various tasks. Most social sites have inexpensive plans you can invest in to at least “test the waters” of promoting your abilities in such a manner.

Building your online reputation may take a bit of time to accomplish. You’re in direct competition with many other people in the world subjecting themselves to the same methods. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the attention you’d like. Keep looking for ways that can set you aside from the competition.