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7 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

contentmarketing1Nowadays SEO is not exactly the same as what it used to be. You cannot develop an ugly website, write mediocre articles, build a few links and expect it to rank well on search engines. These days SEO is very different. You actually have to build a good website, write quality content, and build numerous backlinks.

Creating backlinks for every article manually is a time consuming process. That is why nowadays SEO experts are recommending content marketing as an effective link building strategy. Content marketing is a cheap and natural way to create backlinks at a quicker pace than building them manually. Beside this, your content will naturally be shared on social networking sites including facebook, twitter, stumble upon and reddit. After recognizing the value of content marketing in SEO, different content marketing agencies have come into existence. Outsourcing work to a Advertising agency is an effective solution. In case, if you want to do content marketing as they do it then here are seven quick tips for effective marketing:

Seven Effective Content Marketing Tips:

1) Promote Articles: You can’t win a complete battle by writing quality content; sharing content is also necessary. You should spend a decent amount of time promoting your articles on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, stumble upon and so on. This is one of the best ways to generate some genuine readers for your blog.

2) Write Long Articles: Lengthy content around 1000 words rank well on Google. So always, concentrate on writing long articles. However, always keep one thing in mind; never sacrifice quality of the article in order to increase the word count. Always keep yourself in scope of the article, do not discuss about televisions while writing about financial or political affairs.

3) Add Suitable Graphics and Videos: Always try to enrich content with the help of images, videos, info graphics etc. Articles do not come in the form of text only. While writing articles, always try to add screenshots and video presentations. If your audience like your article, than they will surely share your content with their colleagues, friends and family. So you can easily get a good exposure for your blog.

4) Be Creative: When writing content for your blog, don’t write them like essays or school papers. Show some creativity! Try to write articles in a conversational manner. Conversations keep readers engaged in articles.

5) Write Unique Content:  The best type of content you could create is unique content. Bloggers use this term for a content that doesn’t already exists online. You can create “list of” articles for fulfilling this purpose. For example, you can write an article on “list of 100 best 404 error page designs” or “list of 20 responsive blogger templates” and give your own choice of frontrunners, rather than using somebody else’s choices.

6) Write Frequently: Ensure that you publish content on a regular basis. Regular publishing have some advantages and it tells search engine spiders to visit your blog regularly. Beside this, it gives you additional visitors from RSS feeds and newsletters.

7) Use Attractive Titles: Always use a descriptive and catchy title while writing content for your blog. The title is very much important for search engine optimization as well as for users. Apart from SEO, attractive titles always encourage more clicks to visit particular article.


Search engine optimization game has changed dramatically last year. The one thing we can learn from it is that short-term SEO tactics are not so effective in a long run. Rather than concentrating on building low quality spammy links put your efforts into creating quality, shareable content.. Moreover, the best and cost effective long-term strategy is content marketing. Writing high quality articles that always benefit readers will continually be valuable, no matter how many time Google or Bing change their algorithms.