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7 Shoes That Every Fashionable Lady Should Have

Do you ever get frustrated choosing which pair of shoes to wear with a given outfit or for a given occasion? Well, this is always a major problem with many ladies. According to fashion and marketing executive Julie Roehm, one of the best ways of solving this dilemma is having a set of shoes that can be worn in with a wider range of outfits or for different activities. Below are 7 such pairs of shoes that every lady should own.

Black Pumps

The black pump shoes are ideal for diverse fashion looks. These shoes come in black plain leather, shiny wet look or black suede. You can wear the shoes with an executive office suit, with a pair of denim pants or with a wide range of evening dresses. The basic black pump shoes are ideal when pointed at the front and with a modest high heel. The design is simple yet elegant and this makes it ideal for different occasions.

High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals

These ankle strap sandals are yet another shoe option ideal for a wide range of outfits. The shoes lengthen your legs and give you a stylish yet casual look. These shoes come with two straps – one at the ankle and one just behind your toes. The come in a wide range of heel length, strap size, colors and design. The shoes are a comfortable slip on and are ideal for long free flowing dresses, mini skirts or tight pants.

Ankle Boots

Another ideal and fashionable pair of shoes that every lady should own is the ankle boots. The boots are especially ideal for the cold weather. The boots go well with long plain dresses or denim trousers. The shoes are great for casual wear and can be matched or color blocked with your jacket, belt or hand bag. You can choose black plain leather ankle boots to go with a wide range of dresses and outfits. The boots also come in a wide range of designs from block to slim high hills and fitting to free wear.


The ballet flats come in quite handy when you need to do a lot of running around. Many ladies prefer the flat ballet shoes when driving or when shopping. The shoes are comfortable when doing a lot of walking. They can be worn fashionably with long stretch skirts and dresses, casual pants and denims or with different casual outfits. The flats are however ideal in either black shiny color or in bright colors.

Silver Heels

The silver heels also referred to as the metallic heels are yet another must-have pair of shoes. The shoes can be matched with a wide range of dresses and pants. The shoes give you an elegant look and can be worn either for evening look or for your regular work outfit. The shoes are especially great when worn with a plain black or bright colored long flowing evening dress. The shoes also enable you to wear matching sliver jewellery and belt and this gives a very fashionable look.

The Wedge Platforms

The wedges are ideal when you want to have that girl look. The shoes also give you more height and are quite fashionable. The shoes come in a wide range of designs to choose from. The shoes are quite comfortable and ideal for partying, shopping and undertaking other casual activities. Once again, a black wedge shoe will enable you to match off with a wide range of pants and dresses.

Casual Sneakers

Casual sneakers are and important pair of shoes that every lady should have in her shoe rack. The shoes are ideal for a wide range of activities including exercising, jogging, and outdoor activities. The sneakers can be worn with jeans, sports pants, shorts and other casual outfits.

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