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7 Best FREE VoIP Service Providers Online



VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the service which allows for conversion and transfer of voice communications to digital medium, so that it can be transmitted via the Internet or any packet-switched network. In other words, VoIP allows one to make a call in digital medium through the web, instead of the regular analog phone lines.

It generally involves the use of an adapter to connect your regular phone with an internet network to make the calls. This is also called an Internet Phone which has now become one of the most favored modes of communication and a popular alternative to the traditional options, as the costs involved are much less in its case both in use and the call charges over long distances. Such is rate of competition in this market that many companies have now started to offer free VoIP facilities to the users. The main factors to gauge about a service should be the calling features, ease of use, and help & support. Here are some of the Best Free VoIP Services we found online.

 7 Best VoIP

1). Google Voice VoIP


This telecommunication service from the Google is one of the most popular VoIP services currently available, with a user base of over 1.4 million. The service can be configured, maintained and used in an applicationwhich is completely web-based and modeled after the Gmail. This can also be used through Android and iOS platforms. The PC-to-phone services are currently limited to North America only, but the PC-to-PC voice as well as Video service is available worldwide.

2). iCall VoIP


iCall provides a self-titled software which provides a pc-based, browser-based and mobile VoIP and chat service which offer free pc-to-pc calling service. In addition to that, iCall also provides separate services for the business circles. You can also find Virtual PBX services being offered by iCall for corporate consumers. It can also be accessed from Android and iOS platforms. It can be utilized over both the broadband and mobile networks.

3). VoIPWise VoIP



It is a client based homonyms calling service providing support over both domestic and international calls. It supports an array of devices like PC, telephone, and even mobile devices. Along with the calling feature, it also supports SMS services.

4). VoIPCheap VoIP


This is an amazing proposition which comes loaded with custom application having plenty of features. The software is quite easy to setup, after selecting an username and password, it is ready to use. After that you can add contacts, send texts and call other numbers. Although the incoming features are available everywhere yet, but with cheapest rates in the town it is sure to attract a lot of attention.

5). Jaxtr VoIP


This is a VoIP application which provides a linking facility between your phone and the web, enabling you to call almost anywhere (except a few countries), without disclosing your existing telephone number. The setup is quick and easy and the call quality is crisp.

6). Globe 7 VoIP


Globe 7 is a completely free PC-to-PC, mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-PC and PC-to-mobile calling service. It is a popular VoIP service filled with many features. It is one of the Best Free VoIP Services on the web today. In addition to calling you can have additional services such as videos, breaking news, games, etc. Although the software has a few bugs, even then the service is quite efficient. Call quality and connectivity is good most of the time.

7). Sipgate VoIP


It provides free phone number using which phone features can be accessed. It strives to completely replace the telephone system, as the users can use a soft phone or the old phone with an adapter. This is also available on mobile platforms.

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