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6 Signs You Need to Hire an Exterminator

Pest control is an absolute must for every home. The presence of pests does not only cause damage to properties but also exposes each family member to the risk of contracting viral or bacterial diseases.

The ultimate solution to get rid of every cockroach, bug, termite or rodent is by hiring a trusted and proven extermination service. If you notice any of the signs we’ve listed below, it’s time to start checking the Web for an exterminator.

Ways to Spot the Presence of Pests

1. Have you noticed some gnawed items lately?

Even when you have not spotted a rodent or roach yet, that does not mean they do not exist in your home. These pests are constantly chewing off items in your closet – from boxes , tapes, to wires.

2. Have you seen any sign of nibbled food packages?

When you check your pantry and notice nibbled foils and plastics, then consider this as an obvious sign that mice and cockroaches are present in your home. To avoid inviting more of their kind to your pantry, store food in jar packages or hard plastic containers instead.

3. Are there holes on the corner of the walls or near the vents?

These holes may be the entry points. Note that even holes as small as the size of a dime can be considered as an entry point for mice. Slightly bigger than those holes, rats can already fit in them. Instead of blocking these holes yourself, you may want to wait for an exterminator to assess the holes so they can trace the potential breeding grounds of these pets.

4. Can you spot a few droppings in your home?

These tiny droppings are commonly found in cabinets, cupboards, beneath the boxes or appliances, or underneath any furniture. Although it can be truly tempting to clean up these dropping immediately, it is still recommended to leave the tidying up in the hands of the professional exterminators.

5. Have you recently seen some hole in your wooden furniture?

Termites and carpenter ants are among the pests that you need to get rid of ASAP as they can cause major damage to your home. These pests do not actually eat food, but they process them to create tunnels.

6. Do you know where their nests are?

Rodents are known to be one of the pests that are keen on building their own nests. They seek shelter in almost inaccessible, dark, and humid parts of the house. If you come across a nest in your basement or attic, just leave it alone first. It is still better to call a pest extermination company.

Remember also that climate changes may prompt rodents to stay indoors. As with any animal, they are also capable of finding warm places for comfort. Just before the winter season kicks in, try proofing your house using weather-strips and mesh wires in potential entry points.