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6 SEO Tips for Doctors and Dentists

Everyone looks to their doctor and dentist for expert medical advice, but we tend to forget that our dentist and doctor are also running their own businesses. Since they are running businesses, they are always on the lookout for new clients. A medical professional’s website is a powerful marketing tool that can reach out to new potential clients around the clock and help to expand their business. Doctors and dentists who want to get the most out of their websites should look at search engine optimization (SEO) tips that will get their website more exposure.

Remember Your Local Marketing
Doctors and dentists rely on local foot traffic to grow their businesses, just like local stores and restaurants. That is why medical professionals should take advantage of the local search options offered on all of the major search engines. For example, a doctor can register their website with Google’s business program and have their website pop-up ahead of the providers from out of the area to attract local business. When a medical professional generates new content for their website, they should focus on local keywords that will help their website to move up in the search engine results.
Encourage Patients To Use Review Websites
Websites such as Yelp and medical directories are excellent ways for doctors and dentists to get additional exposure. Many medical directories wind up at the top of search engine results, and your website can go along for the ride if you are reviewed in that directory. You need to compile a list of online review sites and include it on your own site as a guide for your patients to use to help boost your online reputation.
Utilize Social Media
Doctors and dentists that make a habit out of going on social media will see their online presence expand significantly. The SEO advantage to using social media is that if you are actively putting your name out there, then that enhances everything else you are doing. Social media profiles tend to rank high in search engine results, and that can be one way to draw attention to your website. You should also consider quick YouTube videos that introduce yourself and your service to patients to gain more exposure for your practice.
Stay Proactive In Keeping Your Information Current
Doctors and dentists should do a search for their own name to see if they have been added to any directories or medical websites. Many times, these websites will fill in content with your name, but then get your office address or other information wrong. Instead of being angry that you were added to a directory without signing up for it, you should go through the process of updating that directory and see what kind of activity it brings you. You should also keep an eye on all of your other online profiles to make sure that the information is correct.
Keep Your Website Current
One part of SEO that doctors and dentists sometimes forget is the coding issue. You should have a professional audit your website to eliminate any unnecessary code, fix broken links and update content. You should also have a good archiving system for old content and a site map to help improve your standing with the search engines. It is a good idea to get your website audited by a professional at least a couple of times a year, and it is even better to have a website professional maintain your site to keep it current. You may think following all of the suggestions in this post is too much work and a dentist or doctor is always busy. Some tech-savvy doctors like to do these stuff themselves but most practices prefer to hire specialized agencies such as Solution21 who have had experience of providing services such as website design, medical SEO and dental SEO to thousands of other practices.
Start A Blog
A blog is a great way to address patient concerns and answer questions you get on a regular basis. For SEO value, a blog adds new content to your site on a regular basis which significantly boosts your SEO impact. A blog also helps you to become an expert in the eyes of your patients, and it gives you the chance to show potential clients that you really know what you are talking about. One of the biggest benefits of a blog is that you have complete control over what content gets seen, and that can help build your web presence and manage your online reputation as well.
Even established doctors and dentists spend time looking for new patients and trying to get referrals. The most powerful marketing tool a doctor or dentist can use in this day and age is a website. When that website has a high SEO value, then it should become a strong and recurring source for new patients.

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