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6 of the Best Regions to Go Hunting

Of all the activities that people enjoy, hunting is one of the favorites. It’s not only enjoyable; hunting is also a great way to provide for your family.

Many kinds of animals can be hunted, and if you’re willing to travel, you can follow various seasons for hunting and bagging these animals. It’s entirely possible to hunt however you like, but preserve each species against the threat of extinction.

When you know the proper controls are in force, hunting can be a highly enjoyable activity, for newcomers as well as old pros. There are six regions inside the U.S. and elsewhere that offer excellent hunting opportunities and an ample array of species to pursue.

1. Venice, Louisiana

Although many people elsewhere might assume this town is just another landing site for hurricanes, Venice is also the best place to hunt waterfowl. More than 14% of the nation’s marshlands are located here, in the southern portion of Louisiana.

2. Woodward, Oklahoma

This region is home to huge white-tail deer. At least 150 deer have been killed during recent fall seasons. If venison is on your menu, then this area will provide everything you could desire.

3. Craig, Colorado

This part of the country is home to large numbers of elk. Just seven miles out of town are many acres of hunting land filled with elk herds.

4. Toccoa, Georgia

In this region, you will find a plethora of wildlife, fresh for the hunting. Squirrels, rabbits, deer, and raccoon are just a few of the species that are regularly hunted in this locale.

The area is the perfect place for those who are serious about hunting and like to make a go of it every year.

5. Show Low, Arizona

The West can boast of the best land for hunting elk, deer, coyotes, and even lions. You’d better pack your big guns in this region, because you’re in for some serious hunting adventures.

Arizona has exotic and interesting species that include traditional prey but are certainly not limited to them.

6. New Zealand

Want to go farther afield? In New Zealand there many unique animals can be hunted.

The red stag, for instance, is a terrific creature to stalk if you visit this region. The animal can also be found in Asia and parts of Europe and most hunters find it a large and challenging animal to take down.

Many other parts of the world have great hunting grounds. During hunting season, you may want to visit new areas and experience new territories and prey.