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6 Out of 10 Companies Will Update Their HR Software Systems in 2013

In 2013, 6 of every 10 human resource professionals have already made or will make a big decision with regard to their company’s human capital management systems.

Human capital management is often referred to as HCM. These firms are all looking to make a change that will increase productivity and profits in their industry.

As it stands, many companies are using software systems that are nearly a decade old. As technology changes on an almost daily basis, businesses using such old systems are not working as efficiently or productively as possible. This affects the bottom line as well as many other aspects of business.

The downfall of old HCM technology

The 39 percentof companies who are not making the change to a more updated HCM are hindering their HR department as well as the rest of their business. The problems with an older HCM are significant. One of the biggest negative aspects of old HCM systems is the fact that they do not support global enterprise.

Furthermore, these systems present HR departments with another challenge. The challenge comes from the fact that an older system is incompatible with more modern talent management systems, which forces HR departments to work harder rather than more efficiently.

How new HCM technology helps

The biggest benefit of a new HCM system is the fact that it covers a wide range of functionalities. For example, new HCM systems take into account the fact that the entire HR department and workforce of a company is probably changing rapidly.

This allows the new systems to take the best pieces of old systems and combine them effectively with new software. The new software makes it possible for HR departments to more easily adapt to globalization trends, changes in the workforce, and new opportunities for productivity.

When HR departments have this information at their fingertips, they can quickly make changes to the business that will benefit both the organization and the employees alike. It helps to increase workplace performance, which in turn promotes workplace satisfaction and overall productivity.

Employee information

One of the biggest jobs of the HR department in any company is employee information. HR departments are responsible for the hiring and firing of employees, as well as finding out why employees are choosing to leave and which type of employee promises the best fit for a particular company.

When an HCM system can detect trends such as which characteristics make the most productive and successful employees and which trends and characteristics are most common in dissatisfied employees who choose to leave their jobs, places of employment can be improved.

Modern software systems

A new HCM system for your HR department could change the face of your company. Experts predict that while 61 percent of HR departments will upgrade this year, more will continue to do so in the coming years.

Don’t wait to find out what makes your business more successful and productive. Find a modern software system that’s reliable and worth bringing into your offices. Your business will thrive with software that helps you to see which trends are most useful to your company.

Bamboo HR provides cutting edge software that’s changing the face of the business world. Start improving your business with the software that will make work more productive and employees happier. You will only benefit.

HCM software upgrades and changes are beneficial to any type of business. The trending software makes it possible for you to make necessary changes you might not otherwise know to enact without the software.

Don’t be one of the 39 percent of companies that are still working in the past. Changing the face of your workforce is what HCM technology can perform. Don’t be left behind.

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