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6 Best Cities in the World for Wine Enthusiasts

Do you daydream of a gorgeous getaway in the scenic vineyards of Napa Valley? Or picture yourself enjoying a glass of wine in a Tuscan café? While these places are synonymous with wine country, there are quite a few other destinations around the world where you can tempt your palate with extravagant wine.

Here are a few of the top destinations around the world for wine enthusiasts.

Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

The Niagara Region of Canada has become known as one of the most bustling wine areas during the last 30 years. It has a micro-climate that is ideal for European-style grape growing that gives the region its lauded Merlots and Chardonnays. Visit Beamsville for their yummy dessert wine crafted from fresh white grapes ripe from the vine.


Piedmont, Italy

Take a trip to the lovely region of Piedmont, Italy for some of the best wine you have ever tasted. Piedmont people have wine making down to a science, which has given them the reputation as the “Burgundy of Italy.”

The Aegean Islands, Greece

With white-washed villages that hug sloping hillsides that drop dramatically to a blue sea, few folks think that these lavish islands are also a great destination for wine. But if you look close enough, you’ll find the island of Santorini, one of the world’s essential vineyards. Known for its succulent variety of white and red grapes, the farm is one of the largest in the area.

Mainz, Germany

Perched atop the Rhine foe almost 2,000 years, Mainz is famous for its more than 65,000 acre of vineyards. The unique soil makeup along the Rhine gives the area’s white wine its delicate taste. You can enjoy sampling a variety of wine from the local vineyards.

Bellingham, WA

If you want to stick closer to home, visit Washington, which is one of the greatest wine regions in the United States of America. Now the second largest producer of wine in the country, Washington features some of its own secret places for wine lovers.

Visit Bellingham for local wine that can be found in virtually every bar or restaurant.

Brisbane, Australia

Go down under for some of the best wine in the eastern hemisphere. In Brisbane, you can sample fruit wine that comes directly from the north, and is crafted from delicious kiwis, mangos, and pineapples.

There is a variety of wine destinations all across the world where you can sample some of the most extraordinary wine on the globe. From Germany and Italy to Washington in the U.S. and Brisbane in Australia, there are many secret spots for wine lovers. Why don’t you get on a plane and go there for your next vacation?