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5 Ways Your Business Needs to Change Due to Mobile and Online Marketing

In recent years, the fascination with mobile marketing has become a necessity among businesses seeking to stay alive and relevant. It is crucial that businesses recognize the importance and possibilities available through online and mobile marketing. Included here are a few ways business has been changed in recent years due to mobile marketing and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Be Smartphone Friendly

With countless eyes staring into those screens each day, your business could be neglecting a valuable marketing opportunity. Make your website “mobile-friendly” and consider a “call-to-action” or creation of an app to generate more traffic. Loyal customers to your brand will be willing to download an app in order to use your services more easily, and new customers may be willing to dip a toe in the water with a call-to-action blurb.

Make Your Marketing Team Researchers

It is no longer sufficient for your marketing team to be responsible for purely marketing. They are now responsible with keeping ahead of the curve and understanding how new techniques should change their approach. With online giants popping up overnight, your marketing team should be aware of how Pinterest or Facebook can help their approach to clientele and consumers.

Hire Millennials

While it may have previously been difficult to find a job as a newly graduated student, millennials today are finding it increasingly possible they can be of use in marketing divisions. The technologically-aware generation that is being brought up can prove indispensable to a marketing approach with consumers due to their relevance and ability to stay “caught-up.” Keep your more experienced marketers on staff who are aware of potential pitfalls, but the ideas of the millennials will be valuable as well.

Become Social

Facebook and Pinterest have become the new billboards for marketing. If you are not fully aware of how to utilize these social marketing tools, it may time for you to hire a millennial. Transparency and accessibility on social media increase the relevancy and demand of your brand and open up new levels of clientele to your company.

Respond to the Consumer

In previous years, it has been easy for businesses to talk or pitch ideas and just expect the consumer to listen; however, the days of passive marketing are past. Consumers are now a part of the conversation and they expect responses and results immediately. They will publicly call you out on social media or to journalists because they have that ability. Your reputation is highly dependent on how you view customer complaints and respond. If you fail to suitably interact with customers you could end up with a “United Breaks Guitars” craze on your hands, and that is one marketing nightmare that will not go away.