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5 ways to Get Traffic without using Google

The willingness of all companies that use the web as a marketing platform to benefit from relevant and qualified traffic to their website. To get there, the best strategy is certainly to practice SEO and be visible both on competitive keywords and long tail queries. But to further maximize its chances of being visible (or to compensate for any Google penalty), it is sometimes useful to turn to alternatives.
Because companies are in a competitive industry too, because their site was penalized by Google or because they do not have large enough to implement an effective budget SEO strategy, they can be induced to turn to other sources of traffic. Discover 5 alternatives to search engines of this article.


1. Comments on blogs

If you follow even a little news about your industry, you will not be without knowing that there are several influential blogs in your niche business. Attempt to acquire the traffic of these blogs, it may be interesting to comment on articles that provide additional information or, in any case, add value to the article.
Knowing that thousands of people can read the article, it will be possible to take a few visits to your website.


2. Feedback Forums

If some forums have lost some of their latest super years, some still remain true debate nests. It happens so regularly that even users who have questions talk on forums. If your site can provide an answer to the question, it may be useful to include in your comment.
If it is a relevant forum and your link adds value to the discussion, you can quickly access many visitors.


3. Social Networkssocial media

It is not a surprise to find social networks here that more and more consumers are turning to these platforms to find information, products or services. Facebook, Twitter or Google+ media are used wisely, you will acquire a large traffic.
Among social networks, including Google+ will allow you to reach potential targets by the communities that work much like the forums. It is “sufficient”, then find your niche community and to participate in conversations by providing useful information.

4. The guest blogging

A few months ago, when Matt Cutts announced that several platforms blogs hosts were penalized, we heard a little bit of everything and anything about this practice that allows an author to publish an article on a platform that does not belong to him.
If some did not hesitate to declare that the guest blogging was dead, we prefer to take more precautions. Indeed, it is guest blogging industrial scale and in particular spam seems to be endorsed by Google. By cons, if you offer a well-researched article and relevant links on a platform that does not belong to you, you could just let you know more and achieve new goals.

5. Emailemail

Send e-mails advertising every 5 minutes can confuse consumers and make you more harm than good. By cons, a marketing strategy well studied on the basis emailing cannot provide meaningful results.
Services like MailChimp allow you to manage your campaigns and analyze the statistics of your e-mails.
To be certain of reaching the greatest number, it will be necessary to handle the email (that is to say its purpose) as effective as possible!