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5 Tips for Preparing for an International Move

Residential moving doesn’t often show up in people’s minds as one of the most fun things that they’ve ever done, and then take that stress and take it to the next level of an international residential move, and you’ll feel an immediate headache coming on.

However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you might imagine it! With a solid plan of preparatory steps and the right communication with the right moving company, it can go smoothly. Consider the five following tips to help you along that path.

Get Organized With the Right Moving Company

The biggest factor in having a good international move is going to be talking to the right moving coordinator. As with many things, knowing that an expert in a field is going to be taking care of all of the details will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to learn the intricacies of international travel, and the experience your coordinator has had in the past will mean that your belongings will get to their destination safely, efficiently, and in order.

Minimize Before the Move

Particularly before an international move, you’re going to want to take a hard look at the things you own. Too many clothes? Too many dishes? Too much stuff? Chances are, the answer to all of those questions is ‘yes.’ Which means it’s time to learn to minimize. This is often just a process of putting things into three piles – keep, give away, and throw away. But that simple technique will save you an incredible amount of stress when it comes to shipping it all somewhere new.

Find Space-Saving Ways To Pack

Once you’ve pared everything down to the bare essentials, another good step to follow before your international move is to find space-saving ways to pack your belongings into boxes safely. One extremely common technique is to vacuum pack your clothing. This greatly reduces the amount of room your bulky items take up inside your packing boxes.

Read About Other People’s International Experiences

You may have not moved internationally before, but other people certainly have! If you read about their experiences, you’ll know in advance what kinds of trouble people may have had. Find tips about everything from airport luggage to time-tables to jet lag, and find which situations are applicable to you.

Plan As Far Ahead as Possible

The thing that most often frustrates people about moving is a lack of proper planning far enough in advance. Once the date for the move is set, find small goals that you can accomplish every day or every week until the move, and organize them in the most stress-free way possible to prevent rushing at the end.

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