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5 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Weave Fresh

According to Essence magazine, Amber Rose — a celebrity known for her bleached, buzzcut hairstyle — is now sporting a waist-length weave. Going from almost no hair to a tumbling mane is certainly one way to make an entrance. While most of us will likely undergo slightly less dramatic transformations, the difference a hair weafve can make to your daily look is nothing short of incredible. That said, without the right maintenance your new weave can turn into something you’ll be begging a stylist to cut out. Here are five top tips for making sure your weave stays fresh.


Photo credits: Photo by Maegan Tintari via Flickr

1. Don’t Cut Costs in the Very Beginning

If you’ve never gotten a weave before and don’t have a preferred stylist, don’t start Googling “cheapest weave in my city” just yet. While it’s not bad to keep affordability in mind, spending $300 with a bad stylist, or on bad quality hair, is pointless. You’ll just have to shell out again to have it replaced once it starts looking like a bird’s nest. Ask around for recommendations and make sure your stylist understands your day-to-day routine. Wondering whether to go synthetic or real human hair? You’ll be replacing your hair less frequently if you get human hair weaves, even if you’re paying more upfront.

2. Is Your Hair Up a Lot? Use Anti-Bacterial Sprays

If you plan to wear your hair Kardashian style — always free and loose — you’ll probably be fine. If instead, you like to sport braids, twists or locks, it can be a good idea to invest in anti-bacterial weave spray. Hair that’s worn up takes a lot longer to dry than hair worn down, and over time your weave can take on a musty smell if you’re not careful. Using a spray will help keep your weave smelling fresh, and likely help to keep it de-tangled, as well. Keep in mind: the hair dryer is, ultimately, your friend.

3. Opt for Natural Styling Options

While blow drying your hair to keep it dry is a good idea, frequent use of hot irons and straighteners will add continual stress to your weave. When possible, use natural methods — bantu buns, braids, overnight curlers, scarf wraps — to get the waves or curls you’re looking for. Alternatively, companies like the International Hair Company sell hair that already has a natural wave to it, eliminating the necessity for styling on your part.

4. Keeping Your Hair Clean


Photo by Nadja Tatar via Flickr

While your weave may be an extension of your hair, it is not your hair — and you can’t treat it like it is. For a lot of reasons — including easier cleaning — it’s ideal to get sew-in weaves, rather than glue-ins. You’ll want to wet your hair close to the weft where the tracks are and move downward, without getting the tracks beneath. Apply a small amount of moisturizing shampoo, always working downward. It’s also a good idea to use a moisurizing conditioner.

5. Avoid Permanent Hair Loss!

Instinct naturally propels us to get weaves as tight as possible for the best and longest lasting fit. However, as points out, there are long-term disadvantages to getting a weave sewn in too tight. The constant tension on your hair follicles can cause your hair to actually fall out. Over long periods of time, this can lead to more permanent hair loss. It’s okay for the fit to be snug against your scalp, but it should not feel like it is actively pulling, giving you headaches, or causing persistent pain.

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