5 Tips For Becoming a Broadway Star

You may have watched musicals as a child and dreamed of seeing your name in lights, on billboards, and winning a Tony. The thrill of performing in front of thousands, singing at the top of your lungs, and getting paid for it seems like the most exciting thing in the world. You watch Broadway stars in awe and wonder how you could make that dream possible.

The truth is that these Broadway Stars also started just like you once. They watched their favorite artists on stage and admired their skills, dreaming of someday following in their footsteps. Becoming a star on the steps of Broadway is not an impossible dream. If you are interested in pursuing this route, here are some tips for making it happen.

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Go To a Performing Arts College

While talent can’t be taught, it certainly can be polished. Most Broadway stars have years of professional training. Consider looking into a performing arts college that will perfect your performing skills and prepare you for the professional theater world.

On top of training, you will also make many contacts you can later network with to find work.

If you can, apply for as many scholarships as possible since, in the beginning, theater work doesn’t pay much money and paying off your student loans can be an expensive burden to carry,


Take Private Vocal Lessons

You can never stop learning when it comes to your vocal talents. Through practice and feedback, your voice gets better and better over the years, like aged wine.

Make sure that you choose a private instructor that you really connect with and respect as an artist. Your voice is your instrument, so put it into the hands of someone you trust. You also want to make sure that you choose a private vocal teacher who has reasonable costs or can break the bank quickly.

Watch As Much Musical Theatre As Possible

Absorbing the people you most admire is one of the best ways to take on their talents and be inspired. Many artists will tell you that they learned the most from watching hours of their favorite actors and actresses and developing their own style inspired by them.

If you can’t afford to live shows very often, you can find plenty of footage online or on DVDs.

Take Dance Lessons

Dance is an important part of being a Broadway performer. If you want to be able to land the job, you have to be able to prove that you are a “triple threat.” Meaning that you can act, dance, and sing. Without these three talents, you will likely not be able to make it on Broadway.

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