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5 Techy Updates to Make to Your Home Before Renting It Out

Before listing your home on the rental market, there are a few improvements you may want to make to attract buyers. Most potential landlords are aware of the obvious cleaning and lawn maintenance that should be done before seeking tenants. However, you may not realize the valuable techy updates you can perform to attract higher end tenants. Included here are a few ways to attract a younger, more tech-savvy crowd to your rental property.

Online Rent Payment

Very few young people these days carry checkbooks with them. So having to get checks from the bank just to pay rent can be a huge hassle. By offering online payment options you can attract a younger demographic and be appealing to more people. Not to mention, having your tenants pay online can save them money as well as your time spent collecting rent as a landlord.

Security System

An outdoor security system is guaranteed to give you peace of mind and be appealing to more tenants. You don’t have to worry about weekends when your tenants are out of town and didn’t ask you to check in on the house. Your security cameras and system should be in place consistently and this will allow you to keep tabs on the house to ensure it is not being abused. Many tenants with small children will also like this benefit as an extra peace of mind.

Sprinkler System

This may not fit squarely in the “techy” department, but upgrading your lawn watering to a sprinkler system can be hugely beneficial. As a landlord, you don’t have to worry about the lawn dying due to neglect on the renters part; and renters will be attracted by the low maintenance element of a sprinkler system. If you make an extra step and hire a lawn care company for the mowing and edging each week you will draw in even more rental applicants.

Surge Protection

Save yourself the hassle of buying surge protecting strips to place throughout the house by getting a whole house surge protector installed at your electrical panel. You will have peace of mind for all of your appliances without having to replace any stolen surge protectors when your tenants move out. Not to mention, any tenants moving in will appreciate the extra care shown by you in protecting the home for them.

Install Central Controls

With technology today, there is no reason to walk from room to room to control temperatures. You will be appealing to many more high end tenants by installing a central cooling, heating and lighting station in the home. Allowing them to control temperatures in all of their rooms as well as the lighting will be a special feature to many renters.