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5 Best Sky Broadband Packages 2013

internet_keyboar-100008909-largeAs the demand for smooth internet, surfing is growing with each passing day hence many companies are coming to provide such services. One such company is Sky Broadband Company and offers different types of broadband packages. For Home and Light internet users, Sky is offering Sky broadband Home package that is reliable and fits in budget. Here is the list of 5 best Sky Broadband Packages 2013.

Sky Broadband Unlimited Package

  • Sky Broadband Unlimited Package offers you unlimited internet surfing in just 7.50 pounds a month and line rental of 15.40 pounds per month.
  • The download speed offered under this plan is 16MB and the best thing about his plan is that a wireless router is provided along with the Sky broadband shield option, which helps you to filter out the websites of your choice.

Sky Broadband Fibre Unlimited

  • As the name suggests this is also an unlimited plan and under this package the user is provided with 38MB download speed at the cost of 20 pounds per month.
  • The Sky line rental under this plan is 15.40 pounds per month.

Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro

  • Under this package the customer is provided with download speeds up to 76MB and it costs around 30 pounds per month and the Sky line rental under this plan is also 15.40 pounds per month.

Sky Broadband Lite package

  • The Sky Broadband Lite package is available at the cost of 21.50 pounds per month and offers speed up to 16MB.
  • The user also gets 2GB free monthly usage with Sky TV. This is one of the most popular broadband packages offered by the Company.

Sky Broadband and Talk package

  • Sky Broadband and talk is also a useful package and it offers unlimited home based broadband. Under this package, the customer can use the phone and the internet unlimited for 6 months.
  • The download speed offered under this package is 15MBps and the monthly package cost is 10 pounds with 15.40 as one-time Sky rental fees.

Apart from the packages that are mentioned above there are few bundle packages that are also available and in case you want to know more about them you can log on to company’s official website as complete information is being provided.

  • The best part about Sky broadband services is that these are very reliable services and moreover it is very easy to connect to the internet. In case you face any kind of difficulty in service, you can call at their customer care and you will be handled in a most humble manner.
  • The main aim of the company is to provide excellent services at an affordable cost. These are some reasons that have made the company as the most popular and loved broadband company in the UK and the number of customers is also growing with each passing day.

In case you want to switch from some other service provider to Sky broadband provider then all you have to do is to give them a call or logon to their website and generate an query.