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5 Reasons to Install Putting Green Grass

So you’ve been thinking about how much you’re spending on your yard, and how much of a pain it is to take the time to mow it? At the same time, you might also be thinking you’d love to play some more golf, or just have more fun in general.

Suddenly, somehow, here you are. You’re considering replacing real grass with a putting green. We think that’s a great idea. Here’s five excellent reasons why.

1. Life is short

Play more, work less. We spend ‘way too much time working, and our culture is increasingly deprived of having fun. How did this happen? Who knows.

A lot of people blame the Industrial Revolution, or an education system that seems to turn us into overworked, carrot-chasing drones. So break the mold, and rebel against the shackles of boredom! Pull up that pesky grass, and install a game you love: backyard golf.

Or front-yard golf, perhaps. Or maybe both!

2. Your friends will love you

Your friends already love you, of course. But they’ll love you even more when you put a putting green on your property. And this is also a great way to get them to bring the food and drinks. You’ve got the putting green, after all!

3. Annual festival

Now you’ve finally got the reason you need to start your own annual festival. Perhaps you’ll have a putting tournament with obstacles, at the same time as the Masters. Or maybe you’ll do a theme party around Halloween, with a haunted putting green, perhaps. The possibilities are endless!

4. Exercise

Putting might not seem like a lot of exercise, and the truth is, it’s not. That’s not the point. The point is, you’re moving a little bit, getting outside, and breathing the fresh air.

Just a little bit of exercise, and being outside, can often spur you to go do more things after you’re done putting. Worst-case scenario: at least you’re outside, standing, and using your body and brains.

That’ll help you avoid the alternative: sitting down, watching television, eating food that’s not good for you, watching your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and not using your brain. Putting is exercise, physical as well as mental!

5. Because you can

There are excellent and increasingly affordable putting green providers in every part of the country now, so there’s no excuse not to. It’s time to install that putting green. Because you can.