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5 Pillars of Modern Security: A Self-Check

As the world as becomes more connected, the need for security has also increased. Because there are more ways to get to you and your family, there have to be more ways to stop the invasion of your privacy. It’s all about balance. And it can be tipped in your favor with a few general safety tips.

For the purpose of illustration, five examples of pillars of modern security would include home safety and security for your family and your kids, online security in general, keeping your passwords safe, creating a safety net around your banking activities, and then personal security (when you’re out in public, for instance).

Home Security For Kids

You have to pay special attention to home security for your kids for a few different reasons. The primary reason is that your children are the most precious items in your life, and you need to create a safe space for them. The second reason is that because kids get into things, you have to make sure your security system, is secure from them! They need to not be able to get into the guts and alter or mess up some part of what you have set up for them, regardless of their age.

Online Security

Online security is a huge deal these days, largely for privacy reasons. So, if you want to make sure that you aren’t being tracked and can’t get hacked super easily from your online presence, consider installing a VPN program that will make sure that your computer isn’t easily identified by either advertisers or anyone with any kind of nefarious intent. Using some type of incognito mode will also help your cause in many instances.

Password Security

And both for online measure and for keypad, phone, and device security, make sure that your passwords are absolutely secure. For browsing purposes, you can run a password plugin that keeps all of your data safe and collected, but also ensures that you don’t have to remember 50 different passwords for 50 different places.

Bank Security

Since a huge amount of money is put into your bank and taken out of your bank digitally these days, bank security is an absolute must as well. One way to keep your bank account secure is to have a safeguard running, so that when unusual behavior is noticed, your account gets locked until you verify your purchases.

Personal Security

Personally security is another big thing in today’s world. If you learn basic self-defense, that’s a good start. However, for further protection against folks out in the real world, there are a number of self-defense noisemakers, and other ways to scare off any potential threats if they were to approach you.