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5 Myths about travel Insurance

People love to travel for the sake of adventure, fun, thrill, relaxation and above all to make memories that would last a lifetime. In a nutshell, travel is one such activity that not only allows you to spend quality time with friends-family, but also helps you beat the stress that comes while managing daily chores of life.


Since the last decade or so with the advent of social media, increase in disposable income, as well mushrooming of travel companies in every nook and corner, people have started travelling frequently. Lately, concepts such as all women’s trips, post-retirement travel, baby moons and destination weddings have become the talk of the town. However, while a large number of the Indian population is getting abreast of the geographical topography of various destinations, they still are vary of travel insurance as a subject.

In spite of travelling far and wide, surprisingly Indian traveller’s minds are perplexed when it comes to buying travel insurance. After all the plans and bookings are done, chances are minimal that a family would seriously ponder over buying an adequate travel insurance plan.

Through this article let’s understand the myths surrounding the travel insurance sector that directly or indirectly curtails people from purchasing it.

I am healthy why would I ever need travel insurance while travelling abroad?
“Nothing is going to happen with me” is the biggest myth or misconception that most of the travellers strongly feel. But, as future is beyond our control, similarly is the case with health. While on your earlier trips if you remained all hale and hearty and therefore found no reason to invest in travel insurance, than this not a valid reason to give. What if you travel next time and your health doesn’t remain all hunky dory. Therefore, it is better to pragmatic and stay covered while travelling overseas.

I already have a health insurance plan
This is another common reason for Indians to negate travel insurance plans. “When I already have a health insurance plan why do I spend extra on buying another policy.” This is the answer most of them give when inquired about travel insurance. However, as a popular saying goes, all that glitters is not gold, similarly there’s no guarantee that the Indian health insurance policies would take onus for medical expenses abroad and even if they do the coverage maybe restricted to certain countries and regions.

Will avail medical facilities abroad, in case of medical exigency
One of the pivotal reasons that should actually push Indians travelling abroad is the cost of medical care abroad. Shockingly, most of them believe that booking a flight back to homeland is the most viable option in case of medical assistance. But, what if your health requires immediate attention and thus there’s no option rather than getting admitted in the nearest hospital as soon as possible. This only increases your financial burden and forces you to pay for hefty medical bills which could have been easily avoided in case you had purchased a travel insurance plan beforehand.

Travel insurance is like an extra baggage
The myth surrounding travel insurance plans needs to be cleared so that more people can be encouraged to travel light, safe and secure. On the contrary to the beliefs, a robust travel insurance plans not only covers you from health related emergencies, but also provides adequate measures in instances relating to loss of passport, baggage, financial emergency or flight cancellation. Renowned insurance companies like HDFC ERGO for overseas travel insurance have reliable and efficient travel plans when it comes to ensuring good times in a new location, away from homeland.

Travel insurance is not just a mere plan; it’s a holistic approach for your overall protection, security and guidance abroad.

What if my claims get rejected?
Many frequent travellers opine that what’s the use of buying a travel insurance policy. After all insurance company will find some or the other reason to reject the claims so no point in buying a travel insurance policy. While the truth is no insurance company rejects valid claims, exceptions are only made if it is not a part of the policy. Thus, it’s essential to read through the documents before purchasing any travel insurance policy.

Travelling to any place, particularly to international destinations requires a lot of planning in advance. However, apart from doing all the preparations relating to visas, hotel booking, car rentals, shopping, travel insurance should also form a vital part of the plan. Ultimately, a travel insurance policy acts as your most important weapon in fighting against uncalled medical and travel related exigencies in a foreign land.

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