5 Most Inexpensive Sports for Kids

As you try to find a weekend and after-school activity for your child, sports is always the first and probably the best option. Sports are not only a fun way for kids to spend their free time, but it also allows them to get their energy and aggression out while building muscles and keeping their heart in good health. Engaging in physical activities like sports is also a good way for kids to build courage and self-confidence.

However, getting your kids into sports can be an expensive venture as you will need to buy equipment and gear and pay registration and travel fees in some instances. And so you have to be ready for the expense that comes with kid’s sports every year. While some sports will cost thousands of dollars every year, some can be more economical, and they include the following five.

#1 Soccer


Soccer is one of the most popular sports globally, and it is one of those that kids develop an interest in and start playing at a very early age. The fact that it is such a widespread sport makes it quite affordable. Also, there is nothing much you need to buy apart from the essential clothing items and cleats. Even if you add the registration fees if you want your kid to play on a soccer team outside the school, it will still not cost much. The most significant expenditure on soccer is cleats, which can retail for as much as $150, and the registration fees that cost almost as much.

#2 Swimming


Swimming is probably the cheapest sport for kids because, in some cases, it will cost almost nothing if your kid already has a swimsuit. Even if you have to buy a swimsuit, it will not be a significant expenditure as there are many cheap online retail stores. If you have to pay membership fees to a local swim club, it is still relatively affordable. You should expect to spend only a few hundred bucks yearly for swimming in most localities.

#3 Softball


Almost every kid in the USA will develop some fascination with softball or baseball as they are some of the most popular sports in Northern America. Softball is also a relatively inexpensive sport for your kids. Although it will probably cost more than soccer and swimming, it is still much cheaper than other sports like hockey. Younger kids will start from T-ball as they learn and then progress to playing on the field. Typical costs for softball will include at least $15 for youth softball gloves, $20 for cleats, a helmet for $15, and a youth fastpitch bat, which goes for upwards of $20. Also, there will be registration fees if you want the child to play in a league or team

#4 Track and Field

Track and Field

Track and field sports might probably not be the first option for your child as they do not appear very interesting at an early age. However, they are also quite inexpensive as the equipment you need is quite affordable, and kids will not need many things to play with. If your child wants to get into track and field activity, the most basic expenses will be about $30 for running shoes and around $100 for clothes, depending on what you are buying, the weather, and what the team requires.

#5 Basketball


Basketball probably comes second to only a few other sports when it comes to global popularity. And with the success of the NBA and all those star players that are always in the limelight, you can be sure that many kids will develop an interest in basketball from a very early age. Luckily, it is also quite an affordable sport for kids. A pair of $50 Jordan sneakers or even cheaper ones, a uniform, and balls are all a child needs to play basketball. And if he is playing for his school, you will not even need to buy most of them.


It is always a great idea for kids to get into sports from an early age as it comes with a myriad of benefits. From helping them develop good virtues and life skills to strengthening their muscles and keeping their heart in good shape, it is not easy to sum up, all the benefits. And although spots can be quite expensive, there are still many inexpensive sports for kids like the 5 above.

But also note that the costs will vary from one place to the other and there are also other expenses such as the cost of fuel for driving them to and from training every weekend and during school holidays. All in all, regardless of how much it costs, it is all worth it as you cannot measure the happiness and overall well-being and development of your little ones in monetary terms.

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