5 Luxury Additions To Your Home That Aren’t That Expensive

Most of the time, when you think about luxury, you think about expensive things. The reason that you consider things luxurious, after all, is because they’re expensive, right? Well, not necessarily! You can make several additions to your home specifically that feel like luxuries but don’t actually cost as much as you might think.

Five of these additions specifically illustrated are swimming pools, hot tubs, luxury bathrooms, home game rooms, and even the trendy kitchen you’ve always wanted. All of these could be considered luxuries from the outside, but with a bit of smart planning, you can own them without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Owning a Swimming Pool

Did you think that owning a swimming pool is only for rich people? Maybe in the past, but certainly not anymore! There are a ton of affordable swimming pool options for both inground and aboveground pools. And with new pool technology, things like adding the right amount of chlorine or cleaning the bottom are simple if not automatic.


Getting a Hot Tub

On TV and in a ton of movies, having a hot to is a sign of status. Of having more than other people. Of being the cool one or the rich one in the group. However, that feeling is a bit of a misnomer these days, as you can buy a hot tub for an extremely affordable price, and you can do some clever financing as well, depending on if you have all of the funds available when you make the purchase. If you want to get really creative, have your friends bring you food when they’re coming to hang out in the tub, and use that money to pay for it!

Creating a Luxury Bathroom Setting

Admit it – you spend a ton of time in the master bathroom. Between showering, shaving, and getting ready, you can be in there for hours every day. Why not give yourself a luxury bathroom? Plus, if you handle that transformation the DIY way, you’ll save thousands of dollars, learn some fixit skills, and be able to customize it how your want totally.

Having a Game Room

Having a game room means different things to different people. For some people, it’s about video games. For other people, it’s about things like ping-pong, pool, or board games. But as long as you find the parts to your room piecemeal and on sale, you can have an epic man cave for a meager cost.

Making Your Kitchen Amazing

And a luxury kitchen is more about how you use it than what you pay for it, how it looks, or what gadgets you have. To create that luxury kitchen, figure out what you need to do some luxury cooking, and then work backward from that.

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