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5 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

5 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog


Your blog is your baby. You nurture it, tell it stories, and say goodnight to it every now and then. Like your real child, you want what’s best for your blog and you’re willing to do just about anything for it. Sure, it’d be nice for your blog to be in the popular crowd. So, what are the easiest ways to get that traffic to your blog?

Social Media

Most people open their browser and go directly to their chosen platform of social media or one of their online colleges. These social media platforms are usually Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, along with many others. There is no denying that social media is becoming more and more powerful with the growing users its garners. Facebook has more than one billion users; Twitter has more than 500 million users; LinkedIn comes in with 225 million users. This is a huge pool of people on social media.

So how can you capitalize on this? If you haven’t already, create a page or account for your blog. Twitter is a great platform for promoting certain topics if your blog is built around a particular topic because of the use of hashtags, but Facebook is also great because of the huge amount of users. My suggestion? Pick one or two social media platforms to use to promote your blog. Don’t spread yourself too thin by opening up accounts on every platform out there.

Once the account is made, make sure you use it! Don’t just expect people to see you account if you are not active. With some promotion, your traffic will be up and you’ll look like a pro.

Catchy Title

We as humans are shallow. We’re not going to read something if it doesn’t immediately interest us. That is why having a great headline to kick off the article is such a key factor.

In a case study, a man wrote a blog post titled “The Two Types of Cognition.” He submitted it to Reddit, StumbleUpon and other social media sharing sites. He was able to get 100 visitors to read his blog in the next two days. He believed his content was good, but couldn’t figure out why people weren’t reading it.

He did some research and came across Steve Olson’s blog post called “How This Blog Attracted 100,000 Visitors in the First 30 Days.” Through this post he found “5 of Your Headlines Remixed” by Brian Clark.

After reading these posts, the creator of the blog changed his title to “Learn to Understand Your Own Intelligence,” and you better believe that it got more than 5,000 visitors.

Why does the title matter so much? Well for this case, the original title didn’t call the reader to read the post. Why should they read it if it doesn’t pertain to them. Make your title what the users want to read, not something boring like “Use My Accounting Software.”

Guest Blogging

Do some guest blogging. This is a great way to get your name out in the public eye and build relationships with other bloggers. This shows off your writing style and will always have your name as the author. If people like the content, they are going to want to read more of what you have.

Include links in your guest post that go back to relevant articles in your blog. Links will help your SEO and it’s a great way to draw bloggers from other related sites to your own.

An important part of guest posting is interacting in the comments. When people give feedback or share an example, always reply thanking them and include your own thoughts on what they said.


Every great blogger belongs to a community of bloggers in their niche. They guest post on those blogs, read their articles, and are involved in the comments. Most importantly they have proven themselves worthy of their fellow bloggers’ blogroll.

If you have friends who are bloggers, ask them to include your blog in their blogroll. Offer a link exchange with the bloggers in your niche. You will include their blog on your blogroll if they include you blog on theirs. Make sure you have interacted with their blog and on Twitter before asking. Building up relationships with bloggers is important for more than just blogroll reasons.

SEO-friendly Content

If you want your content to be found in search engines you have to make sure you are following some basic SEO guidelines. An easy way to tell if your content is optimized is using a plugin like Yoast for WordPress. Otherwise, follow these five easy steps each time you write a post.

  1. Have a major keyword in your title, a subhead, and 2 places in your content (same keyword in those 4 places).
  2. Include a tactical meta description.
  3. Make your URL for the article easy to remember (3-5 words).
  4. Tag your article appropriately and don’t forget to include the keyword (3-5 tags).
  5. Include links to high profile sites. (Many times the blog you reference will be pinged and will list your article under the one you linked to.)

Have any suggestions for this topic? Let us know in the comments below.