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5 Dire Situations to Watch for In Struggling Young Adults

As young adults transition from childhood to adulthood, they will encounter many real world problems that they may not be accustomed to dealing with. The stress of holding an undesirable job, paying mounting bills, dealing with automotive issues, suffering through family losses, and succeeding in school can cause a lot of mental distress on an individual. For those who are poorly prepared to deal with many of life’s issues, they can find themselves quickly spiraling out of control when they choose a dangerous outlet for stress relief.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption
One of the most easily abused coping methods is the consumption of alcohol. It is cheap, convenient, tastes great, and it alters the mind in many ways. For most, alcohol leads to feelings of overall euphoria. It allows the user to “forget” the days troubles and relax in most cases. This substance becomes a comfort zone for many, and it usually leads to dependence. Once the body becomes addicted to alcohol, Alcohol Abuse Intervention becomes necessary. Stopping the consumption of alcohol cold turkey can be very dangerous for the user.

Dangerous Gambling or Spending Habits
Gambling is a very addictive form of spending, as it is a competitive sport that can yield large cash prizes. In most cases, the gambler will lose his or her money; for those who gamble for fun, they are very well aware of this and only take what they are willing to spend in cash. For problem gamblers, they are not able to tell when “enough is enough.” They will quickly squander their life’s savings thinking that the next play will be the big winner. Blinded, they continue to spend money that they don’t have, frequently finding money in the form of bank loans, family loans, and pawned or sold items. Most of these gamblers tend to be in the midst of severe financial trouble and are searching for a quick way to solve their financial problems.

Another form of financial abuse is found within “therapy shopping.” Therapy shopping involves spending money impulsively for unnecessary items and is most common among young women. Most of the items purchased include clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, electronics, and other items that bring about a feeling of instant gratification. They might be items that help the buyer to boost self esteem, allowing the individual to momentarily release pent up stress. Some therapy shoppers return the merchandise after a few days have gone by, lessening the impact of emotional shopping. Others become attached to their new material possessions, and suffer greatly with their finances.

Self-Harming Activities
Self harm is prevalent among those who are suffering immense financial, mental, emotional, or physical stress. These activities could include self mutilation, which is the act of physically damaging ones body as a way to relieve pain or stress. Other included individuals have developed disorders such as Bulimia or Anorexia, dangerous eating disorders that commonly develop in young men and women who are self conscious of their body images. Inflicting harm on one’s self can become a life or death situation very quickly, requiring intervention by close loved ones and friends.

Drug Experimentation or Addiction
Many people experiment with drugs, and can return to their normal lives without developing an addiction. However, drugs are commonly used as a crutch for people who are caught during difficult or dark periods of their lives. This quickly takes a small experimental dose to a full blown addiction in less than a week if the user allows it to happen. Drug detox clinics are one of the only ways to successfully wean a troubled person off of drugs successfully. Extensive treatment programs help to reduce the risk of relapses.

Abusive Partners
The mind of a young adult is very easily molded and convinced, especially when it comes down to matters of the heart. At this tender young age, most are simply trying to find the place where they fit in at. Dangerous, abusive individuals can easily come along and sweep these young adults off of their feet, and shortly thereafter the abusive relationship begins. Physical, mental, and emotional abuse may occur while the victim is cut off from friends and family. If a family member or friend suspects that someone is caught in a dangerous relationship, it is important to help that person to get out before he or she is in worse danger.

As the young members of society figure out their lives and weave their way through this world, they may find themselves trapped in some bad situations. It is important that they receive all of the helpful advice, help, and resources that they need to become successful and happy in life.