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5 Comedians To Make You Laughon Twitter

Twitter can often be a one-sided relationship, particularly where it concerns celebrities tweeting about either their latest project or lamenting that their once-favorite pair of Louboutins are so last season. While the jury is still out as to what some celebrity tweets offer fans in the way of substance, some of today’s top stand-up comics regularly bring some humor to the Twitter-sphere, giving fans a good laugh in exchange for a follow. Here are a handful of Twitter comedians who have mastered the art of condensing witty one-liners into 140 characters.

1. Jim Gaffigan (@jimgaffigan)

Jim Gaffigan’s Twitter banter echoes his stand-up routine: devoid of profanity and peppered with humorous, often self-deprecating asides. His Twitter profile is loaded with everyday comedy culled from his life as a husband and father, supplemented with a hearty dose of observations on life outside the home. Think “family-friendly, with an edge.”


From Jim Gaffigan’s Twitter feed: “I don’t know why a four year old has sexier shoes than I do.” – My nine year old daughter

2. Lisa Lampanelli (@lisalampanelli)

Forever irreverent and frequently filthy, Lisa Lampanelli — comedy’s self-proclaimed “lovable queen of mean” — has an insult for every occasion. Not afraid to hit below the belt or go for a brutal (albeit true) jab at anyone or anything, nothing is off-limits to La Lampanelli. An insult comic of the first order, she’s the closest thing this generation has to Don Rickles (aka – “Mr. Warmth”).


From Lisa Lampanelli’s Twitter feed: FL woman designs toilet paper wedding dress. How white-trash can u get? BTW, congrats to the lucky bridesmaid who caught the toilet brush!

3. Brian Posehn (@thebrianposehn)

You might be most familiar with Brian Posehn from his work on sitcoms Just Shoot Me and The Sarah Silverman Show. Tall, balding, bespectacled and more awkward than a conversation between Bambi and Ted Nugent; Posehn is a large, likeable comic book geek with a fondness for heavy metal and fart jokes. The first to poke fun at himself, Posehn’s tweets are chock full of entertaining randomness… and bathroom banter.

From Brian Posehn’s Twitter feed:  Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy have done prison eps lately. I wish other favorite shows would go to prison. 30 Rock, Top Chef next please.

4. Aries Spears (@AriesSpears)

Best known for his years on sketch comedy series MAD TV, there’s more to Aries Spears than spot-on impersonations of Magic Johnson, LL Cool J, and Bobby Brown. In addition to his host of original characters and hip-hop song parodies, Spears travels the comedy club circuit with his hilarious, downright raunchy stand-up act. His Twitter feed mirrors his act in that it’s filled with filthy words and real-life observations. Spears often engages his Twitter followers with questions on random things like cereal, sports, and current events.

From Aries Spears’ Twitter feed: Went 2my daughters graduation, what a long tedious event! Only kid u care about is ur own! So wanted 2yell SUM OF YALL AINT GON MAKE IT!

5. Jeffrey Ross (@realjeffreyross)

A staple of Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts, Jeff Ross has cultivated a reputation as a top-notch insult comic and “Roastmaster General.” Far less foul than many of his roast contemporaries, Ross’ has a biting wit that cuts to the core. Intellectual without being highbrow, Jeff Ross’s sharp-tongued insults and unique brand of “too soon comedy” is always one step ahead of the curve. Recently, it garnered him the TwitterAward for Best Stand-Up Comic.

From Jeffrey Ross’ Twitter feed: An 84 year old lady in FL won a $370 million lottery jackpot. She plans on using the money to bring back “Matlock”.

Can’t get enough of these comics? Try watching their videos on YouTube to get the full effect of their wit. If you don’t have time to watch their greatest hits in one sitting you can always test out a youtube downloader to save the videos to watch whenever and wherever you want.