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5 Article Writing Tips to Attract Genuine Readers


As there are lots of changes that have been done in the Search Engine Optimization field the SEO experts are trying to look for new and latest writing tips to attract genuine audience. In this case you can hire a Content Marketing Agency or try to learn all the steps and tips all by yourself so that you can also write something that attracts more and more audience.

Here are 5 different article writing tips to attract genuine audience.

1) Try To Write For People And Not For Search Engines

  • This is important because whatever you are going to write and post will be ultimately read by people and not by the search engines. Hence, write something that holds enough potential to garner more and more audiences.
  • Write something which is interesting and the user gets completely engaged while reading your blog or post. Always make sure that whatever you are writing is informative and useful because people read blogs and post for getting more and more information.

2) How About Reading Some Authority Blogs?

  • Most of the professional content writers always say that you must read properly before you write something. This technique helps you to fill your mind with many ideas and it becomes easy for you to write on different topics.
  • This technique also stops you from fitting the keyword because whatever you are going to write after reading is original and straight comes from your mind.

3) Copying Will Not Help You Either

  • Whenever you are writing something, write original because there is no use of copying. It will only help you for short term but if you want to sustain for a longer period of time then write original content.

4) The Heading Is The First And Last Impression

  • Always choose a heading that attracts everybody. Entire impression is made out of heading sometimes. People also start reading the blog or post if the heading is good.
  •  Also, make sure that apart from eye-catching headline the internal content of the article should also be informative, interesting and original otherwise you will lose your audience as it is a matter of having faith in your article.

5) Proper Formatting And Images Also Matter A Lot

  • As you know that without proper formatting or good images your article is just like a plain piece of paper and the chances of generating interest also becomes very less if there are no images.
  • There are many good and cool images that can be downloaded free of cost from the internet. Do a proper and thorough research for good images and then shortlist those images after proper screening.
  •  Apart from good images, proper formatting also matters a lot. Once you have written the article try to read it once again and correct all the mistakes that you find during re-reading of the article.

If all the above mentioned points are followed religiously then there are very good chances that the article you are going to write and finally publish will attract huge amount of audiences and moreover you will be able to sustain for a longer period of time.

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