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4 Ways to Know If Your Roof Needs Replacing

Being a homeowner is an incredibly difficult job. There is no maintenance person checking on the quality of your home and making sure everything’s running smoothly. It is up to you to replace things as they break and keep your home updated. One of the trickiest aspects of your home to maintain is the roof. You may be unsure whether it is stable or leaking and when it should be replaced. Included here are a few indicators that will tell you when your roof needs replacing.

Age of the Roof

If you moved into an older home without contacting the previous occupant, you may not know exactly how old your roof is. A general rule of thumb is that your roof will last 20-25 years, so if it has not been changed and you have lived there longer, it is definitely time. If the roof was laid over another roof or is poorly ventilated, it is more likely to need replacing.

Curled or Buckled Shingles

As asphalt shingles age, they fail to lay flat. If you are noticing the corner of your shingles peeling up, or curling, it may be time to replace. Another indicator is if your shingles are appearing to buckle and seem brittle. Curled or buckled shingles will not shed water properly and are an indicator that the shingles have aged beyond their usefulness.

Additionally, as shingles age they begin to fall apart and lose their water resistance and weather durability. If your shingles have begun curling or buckling they are likely to be losing granules. Check for loose shingle granules in your gutters and along the edge of your home. Finding granules is a definite indicator your shingles have begun decomposition.

Missing Shingles

Obviously, your roof is not going to be doing you too much good if the shingles are missing. Carefully analyze your roof for missing, or loosened, shingles. These could be caused by a storm or simply by age over time. If you have poor ventilation in your attic and heat is escaping through the roof it can contribute to loosened shingles over time.

Water Damage

Every homeowner needs to be sure their attic is in good condition at all times. If you notice any kind of mildewing or water damage upstairs, it is a sure sign the roof needs to be replaced. Another indicator that the roof is in bad shape is if you can see any daylight through the roof from within. Daylight, moisture or mildew are all indicators your roof is not doing its job and needs replacing.

If you have discovered any kind of water damage in the attic, you will also need to evaluate the support beams to ensure they are still strong enough to be useful. If your roof has been draining into your attic for a long time, the damage may be bad enough that your roof and support beams need a complete overhaul.