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4 Ways to Prove Your Expertise as a Consultant

It’s easy to claim you’re an expert, but how do clients choose between consultants who seem to have the same level of experience? Instead of simply claiming your expertise, prove it to potential clients. Not sure where to start? Check out these four ways to prove your expertise as a consultant.

Build a Portfolio that Showcases Your Experience

No matter what area of consulting you work in, you need to be able to show prospects that you have experience and can deliver quality results. Start by building a portfolio. If possible, you’ll want an online portfolio where prospects can easily access the contents. Some things you might include:

  • Links to published articles, presentations, or other online content.
  • Photos of yourself conducting business or giving a speech.
  • Testimonials from previous or current clients.
  • Examples of your work.
  • Data showing your success.
  • A collection of awards, honors, and education.

Don’t have experience yet? Offer your services to someone you know, or give away a free session. You’ll be able to add this to your portfolio so you have something to show potential clients.

Create a Slideshow Presenting Your Results with Hard Data

Imagine your competition said something like this:

“Last year, we helped countless companies increase sales and make profit.”

That’s great, but it’s not very impressive, is it? What if you came along and said this:

“Last year, our consulting services led Company Example to reach a 50 percent profit growth over the course of six months.”

Your prospects’ jaws will drop to the floor, and they’ll be dying to hire you.

Once you gather strong data to prove your claims, put it together in an easy-to-access and visually appealing format, such as in a Slideshare presentation. When pitching to potential clients, share a link to your presentation or embed it in your pitch. This will show professionalism, reliability, and expertise to help you attract more clients.

Get Recommendations on LinkedIn from Previous Clients

Have you ever worked for a client through Zintro or PeoplePerHour? You can check back with these clients and see if they’re willing to recommend you on LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? Since other people can see your recommendations, they can better trust these testimonials than if you posted snippets of private conversations on your website. And even when you’re tapping into resources to connect you with potential clients, you can bet that companies will look you up online to look for proof that you have the chops to produce results.

How do you get recommended on LinkedIn? First, connect with your past clients. Next, mouse over your photo on the top right-hand corner and click “Privacy and Settings.” Then go to “Manage Recommendations” and click “Ask to be Recommended.” Follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way to gathering testimonials.

Publish Content in Your Area of Expertise

People trust that published authors and speakers know what they’re talking about. Prove that you’re an expert by publishing content in your area of expertise. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Starting a blog
  • Creating how-to videos
  • Guest posting on high-authority sites
  • Publishing an eBook

You can then use your sales stats, social media shares, and other data to back up your claims as an expert.

Demonstrating your expertise doesn’t take a lot of time. With just a few tweaks to your website content or by preparing an impressive elevator pitch, you can prove your capabilities and land higher-paying clients.

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