4 Must See Places in Montreal Canada

Montreal is of course an extremely beautiful place, but what makes it such a sought after tourist destination? From historic buildings to a buzzing nightlife and shopping, along with outdoor sports and scenic beauty, Montreal has it all. There is no dearth of things to do in Montreal when you’re there. Your biggest problem will be choosing which of the many things to do when you are in this lovely place! Listed below are four places in Montreal that you should definitely experience!

  1. The neighbourhood in Montreal known as Downtown is where the most happening nightlife is. This area features different places ranging from clubs and bars to eateries, all guaranteed to give you a long night of fun. You can also find the Just for Laughs Festival in Downtown where you can keep yourself entertained by watching live theatre, live performances, and shows. Further, if you are looking to find a little bit of France in Quebec, you don’t have to go further than the Alexandre et Fils where you will be able to sample some of the best French cuisine that is served in a Parisian style
  2. The Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is one place that you definitely should not miss out on when you are in Montreal. This is home to a botanical garden, an insectarium, as well as a biodome featuring live plants and animals accompanied by mesmerising displays, and of course, the Tower-Olympic Park. If you have ever seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and thought that was tall, this will take your breath away. The tallest leaning tower in the world, it was built for the Olympics in 1976. Every place offers many activities to do and children love visiting these places.
  3. The third place that you should definitely visit is the Plateau Mont-Royal. This has the Theatre de Verdue which is an outdoor theatre where you can view free performances. You can also find several small quirky boutiques and stores to buy souvenirs from as well as some stunning architecture. If you like to be environmentally conscious, you can make use of Montreal’s bike shops which allow you to rent different types of bikes.
  4. Lastly, you should visit Old Montreal. Here you should go to the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal which is a huge park in the city where you can do a variety of things ranging from biking, boating, and walking while enjoying the fresh air of Montreal. For something more festive, you can go to the Casino de Montreal which has several great restaurants, performances, and casino games. If you like beautiful architecture, the place for you to go is the Place D’Armes which is a statue representing the founder of Montreal. This is surrounded by several awe-inspiring historic buildings. Lastly in Old Montreal, you should visit the Place Jacques-Atwater Market. This was once a marketplace but has now been converted into a meeting place filled with venues of entertainment and relaxation.

There are several things that draw tourists to Montreal. Most places that are mentioned in this list or not very expensive and no visit to here would be complete without visiting all of them. If you are planning atrip to Montral, do check out Hotel Champ-de-Mars, the best budget hotel in Montreal.

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