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4 Main Reasons Why You Should Visit Stonehenge

Are you planning to visit the United Kingdom this summer? If yes, consider visiting the Salisbury Plain to witness one of the nation’s ancient wonders. Visiting this attraction site takes you back in history to 2500 BC.

When planning the visit, it is important to engage reputable Stonehenge tours. In this way, you will enjoy visiting different facilities across the archaeological site. The facilities include the Stonehenge Visitor Center, which is located only a mile away from these stones.

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The visitor’s center hosts the gift shop, toilers, and the exhibition café. Anyone can access these facilities. However, if you want to proceed to the Stonehenge exhibition, which contains archeological treasures like tools, pottery, jewelry, and human remains, you must pay a full ticket.

The exhibition will offer an understanding of different theories that explain the construction of this archeological site.

The following are the main reasons why you should consider visiting this location.

The Mystery Surrounding the Location

Stonehenge is full of many mysteries revolving around its construction and existence.

Some of these include the stories of giants carrying stones from distant lands. There are also beliefs that the stones possess healing powers.

Well, recent research shows that the area acted as an ancient burial site. With all these fascinating theories, Stonehenge is an ideal place to visit.

The Attraction Site Has an Incredible Design

Stonehenge boasts of an amazing and unique design. Initially, the site was constructed in three stages.

During the first stage, an earthwork structure in the form of a ditch, including a bank, was built. The second stage saw the fixation of postholes with timber arrangement to the ground. Lastly, the stones were put in place.

The construction stages are estimated to have taken 500 years to complete. Another theory states that the construction was done in six steps and took 1,500 years to complete.

An Opportunity to Explore Multiple Artifacts

The attraction site allows you an opportunity to explore the visitor’s center.

At the visitor’s center, you will find over three hundred exhibits. Most of these items were found at the attraction site and used in construction or buried. The good thing is they all have archaeological value.

Stonehenge Gives You an Extraordinary Experience

Yes, Stonehenge is full of mysteries. But despite this, visiting the area gives you an extraordinary experience. For a start, the construction took place during the transition to the Bronze Age from the Neolithic Age.

Further, the eerie symmetry of this structure is also mind-boggling. For instance, it has been found that its pattern is aligned with the solstices.

The sun’s rays during a solstice act as the axis of symmetry. Such high procession when advanced scientific tools were not available defies logic.


Stonehenge offers an amazing experience to all its visitors. With all the mysteries, it is the best place to visit this summer. Be sure to contact a competent tour guide to make your visit exemplary.

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