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4 Careers that Will Allow You to Work from Anywhere

By now, you know that you need a job in order to afford the things in life you want. However, you also know that there are things you’re passionate about, and your work probably gets in the way. For instance, maybe you want to spend more time volunteering. Or maybe you want to spend more time with your family. Or maybe you want to have more time to enjoy that hobby you love. When you’re forced to sit in an office all day, it can really drag down your dreams. This is why many people are opting for the careers that will allow them to work from anywhere. By doing this, you can travel or make time with your family or hobbies. Take a look at the four careers that will allow you to work from anywhere.

1. Writer

Writers gather inspiration from everything, which is why they can do their job from anywhere. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a crowded office or relaxing on the beach, as long as you have a computer or pad of paper, you can do your job. Many writers, whether they are trying to write a book or work as a copywriter for a company, have the luxury of doing their job from anywhere. Many of them can work remotely, and some opt to travel while still working. If you dream of doing your job from anywhere, then you should consider being a writer.

2. Tattoo Artist

The art of tattoos has been around for ages, and people everywhere are always interested in finding ways to express themselves through art. If you are a tattoo artist or are going to tattoo school to learn the trade, then you should remember that you can do this job from anywhere. No matter where you end up, you can set up shop and know that you will find the right clients. Many tattoo artists are also able to use a mobile shop, so you can bring your workspace with you and simply be a traveling tattoo artist so that you can see the world or be closer to family without having to worry about your income.

3. Photographer

Photographers are always out and about, so if you don’t want to sit at a desk, you don’t have to. As long as you have a computer with the photo editing software and programs you need to edit your pictures, you’re all set. If you want to see new things every day or visit new places, then this is a great job opportunity for you. Plus, the overhead cost of being a photographer is very low, yet people will pay very good money for great pictures. If you truly want the luxury of working from anywhere, then consider being a photographer if you have the eye for detail and great shots.

4. Broker

There are brokers for just about everything: insurance, logistics, mortgages, loans, etc. A broker basically serves as a middleman to help two businesses or people connect in some way. What’s nice is that brokers can typically do their job from anywhere, especially now that they have computers with all their pertinent information. In fact, thanks to smartphones, most brokers can actually do their job from their phones, which makes it that much more mobile. If you like dealing with different people every day, and if you like assisting people in their efforts to obtain a mortgage, find a truck, or receive the right insurance coverage, then you should consider being a broker. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with clients on opposite ends of the country or world, either, because you can handle your responsibilities from anywhere.

Technology has made it easy for many people to work remotely. However, some jobs still force you to physically be in one place to get the job done. If you’re more of a free spirit and want the freedom of just going places, then be sure to snag one of these positions. One good way to start is to study and learn abroad and then use your experience to help you determine where else you’d like to visit while still taking on a full-time job.