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4 Best Neighborhoods in New York for Students

New York is home to over one hundred internationally acclaimed universities. With such a huge number of universities, New York’s student population is one of the biggest in the country. And with each and every one of these students being in need of accommodation, demand is bound to be high. Nevertheless, students can still find affordable accommodation. There are several New York neighborhoods that offer students affordable accommodation. Below are four such neighborhoods.


Located in New York’s Manhattan borough, the residential neighborhood of NoHo or North of Houston is one of the best neighborhoods for students. The neighborhood is in close proximity to some of New York’s leading institutions of higher education. The neighborhood borders the New York University and is a great neighborhood for the university’s student population. The neighborhood is still considered to be the retail capital of New York and has many retail stores.

East Village

Another Manhattan neighborhood that is ideal for university students is the neighborhood of East Village. Students who love going out frequently will be pleased with the fact that East Village has the most bars per capita in Manhattan. And while the apartments in east village are not the cheapest in the area, the neighborhood makes up for this by offering affordable eateries. To crown it all off, the neighborhood is serviced by several subway lines and buses. Thus, it is an ideal residential neighborhood for university students of all walks of life.

Crown Heights

One of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in New York, Crown Heights neighborhood is yet another that is ideal for students. This Brooklyn neighborhood is a popular residential destination for students of all racial backgrounds. Additionally, students can rent rooms as a group. As a culturally diverse neighborhood, Crown Heights has many restaurants and bars. The apartments in this neighborhood are relatively affordable compared to those in East Village. Thus, it is an ideal location for students undertaking two or more degree course. For example, students taking Concordia Portland online University courses as second degrees.


Harlem is a neighborhood where students can get great deals on apartments. In this neighborhood, apartments go for as low as $ 2000. This makes Harlem one of the cheapest neighborhoods for students. Harlem has many eateries, bars, and shopping stores. While it offers affordable accommodation, the neighborhood also has high-end restaurants and bars. The neighborhood is well served by subway lines and it is 15 to 25 minutes to the west village. Thus, it is conveniently located and in close proximity to some of New York’s reputed universities.


The pressure of university life prompts many students to seek affordable accommodation near their universities. For students in New York, the above-listed neighborhoods offer great deals and are ideal for students.

Also, the versatility of these neighborhoods makes them ideal for all kinds of students. From those who prioritize affordability when looking for accommodation to those that price is not a factor. However, it is important to note, that New York being one of the busiest cities in the world, is not the cheapest places to live in. Thus, students who wish to reside here have to make some concessions.