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3 Tips that will keep your Family Healthy & Secure for the Future

A healthy family is a happy family. But achieving a healthy and happy life is no child’s play. Every person is different in the family, and so are his or her needs, interests, and lifestyle. However, it is to be noted that women continue to play a vital role in every family.


In almost every household in India, the lady of the house is expected to look into varying needs of her family members. In today’s times, their task has become even more challenging as they continue to juggle between work and home. More often than not, she may have a demanding job and an equally hectic routine at home. All this can take a toll on her general well-being. At the same time, culturally, women put the needs of her family before her own. It is therefore not surprising when we read or hear about growing instances of lifestyle diseases amongst the female population in India.

The key is not just to focus on individual health needs but to get on a healthy drive as a family. So, here are six effective tips that will play an incremental role in securing the health and future of your family –

Tip 1 – Start Eating Healthy

Market trend suggests growth in the consumption of ready and pre-packed meals in Indian homes. However, if you are on a mission to become healthy, it’s time to bid adieu to these dietary choices. Frozen food is packed with preservatives and Trans fat that is damaging for cardiovascular health and causes diabetes, hypertension, and even indigestion.

Traditional home cooked meals prepared in light spices and oil is far healthier. Also, reduce the frequency of takeaway meals in a week. We understand that for many working couples cooking everything at home is a lot on the platter. However, for the sake of your family’s healthy future, it is important that you eat and drink healthy.

A good way to bring about change is to work out a diet plan that is sustainable and pocket-friendly. Involve your family and take their nod when devising a meal plan. Reach an understanding where it’s important to eat healthy most of the time. However, you can spare a cheat day in a week.

Tip 2- Get Active

In the past, you may have taken a gym membership to kick start the health drive. But honestly, how many times did you grace the gym with your presence? If the answer is not that frequent, it’s time to re-strategize. How about engaging in some physical activity as a family? For instance, on weekends the entire family can go for a morning walk or book a badminton or tennis court for a game session. Working out and exercising does not mean that you have to shell out a hefty sum. A simple post dinner walk can be excellent for overall health. These small changes will not only keep your big health mission on track, but it will also bring the family closer.

Tip 3 – Go for a Family Health Insurance Policy

If you are a working couple, it is likely that you are covered by a corporate health insurance plan. Such schemes are the most prevalent form of health insurance plans in India. However, corporate medical plans are not a full proof health insurance plan, and you must substantiate it with a family health insurance policy. This is a single policy that provides health cover to every member of a family – spouse, children, parents and in some cases even the in-laws.

Health insurance plan is an integral component for securing the future health needs of your family. Several young families do not feel the need to take a medical insurance plan. In fact, a comprehensive health plan from health insurance providers like HDFC ERGO is essential for all types of medical emergencies. These policies come as a boon for the entire family, particularly at a time when the cost of health treatment is fast rising.

With these three tips, your family can achieve the holistic wellness that you always wanted. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Minor changes like – eating right, getting the right amount of sleep and the daily dose of physical activity can bring about significant changes. So, wait no more start planning a healthy life right from today.

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