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3 Reasons Why Golfing Is More Exercise Than You Think

Most people regard golfing as just a form of exercise that senior citizens and CEOs do. In their eyes, it’s more a form of relaxation than a real workout.

It’s true that many people play golf as a way to de-stress, and they enjoy the comforts of the game: the golf court, the caddie hauling your clubs, the refreshments, etc.

However, when played like a pro, golf can actually be a pretty excellent form of exercise. You’ll find that playing golf can be great for your heart, your lungs, your muscles, and your body in general. Below are three reasons why golf is more exercise than many people think.

1. The walking

Have you ever walked through a golf course? Imagine you’re walking about 250 to 400 yards for each hole, and multiply that by 9 to 18 holes. That’s a whole lot of walking!

Researchers tell us that walking everywhere is a surprisingly great way to get exercise and burn calories. Now, just because you’re walking, that doesn’t mean you’re getting the same amount of exercise you’d get from running or cycling.

However, walking is considered one of the best forms of exercise. You can keep your heart pumping at a good rate, and promote fat loss along with improved heart function.

If you walk everywhere, you can easily burn 500 to 800 calories during an 18-hole game of golf. You’ll find that you’re quite tired by the end of the game, and yet you had a wonderful time walking from hole to hole.

2. The golf clubs

A single golf club doesn’t weigh too much, but have you ever carried a bag full of them? We’re talking about 12 to 14 golf clubs, each of which weighs between 1 and 3 pounds. You can end up hauling around 15 to 20 pounds in clubs alone.

When you add all the other accessories to the clubs, the weight of your golf bag really adds up. It may not be enough to cause pain or wipe you out, but it will certainly give you good exercise as you walk from hole to hole.

You’re already getting some exercise walking between the holes, and now you add the extra weight of your golf bag to the mix. It’s like walking with a bag full of heavy books: a great way to get solid, low-impact exercise!

3. The training

If you’re an avid golfer, you probably spend a fair amount of time training to improve your game. Maybe you’re considering installing artificial turf in your home for practice.

One essential aspect of your golf training is strength training. In order to send those balls really flying, you’re going to need pretty decent upper body and arm strength. Your coach or trainer probably makes you do some form of strength training, because that ensures you can get stronger — and thereby more proficient at golf.

The strength training may be simple, and it may not involve a full workout in the gym, but it certainly will involve lifting some weights. You may do body-weight training, or simple functional training exercises. Whatever you do, it’s excellent for your muscles, and it’ll make you a better golfer.

The truth is that golf can be a pretty awesome form of exercise, even though most people might not consider it so. If you want to get in shape and enjoy a sport you love at the same time, golf may just be the game for you.