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3 Reasons We Love Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is everywhere. Its presence in kitchens across the United States continues to climb, as consumers opt for stainless steel appliances. The medical industry opts for stainless steel in surgical and medical equipment that is exposed to contamination and must be able to withstand cleaning treatments. The military loves stainless steel, as do the construction and architectural industries.

The major reason stainless steel is a material of choice is its anti-corrosion property. Rust, corrosion and stains are easily resisted by stainless steel. For that reason, stainless if the material of choice for fasteners that are exposed to the outdoors or to harsh chemicals.

  1. Both strong and beautiful

As far as materials go, steel is a huge step forward. Steel is actually an iron alloy, which means it is very strong. You can’t chip or bend steel easily. It won’t crack very easily, but it does scratch. Also, steel will say shiny for years and years. However, steel can rust. But stainless solves that problem.

Because stainless steel contains about 10-11% chromium, it is able to withstand rusting. The chromium makes a film of chromium oxide over the entire surface of the stainless steel item. The chromium oxide is non-toxic. It can seamlessly reform even if the metal is cut and it prevents the steel from rusting by shielding it from air and moisture.


As strong as steel, and shiny, stainless steel is beautiful in a number of applications. It looks gorgeous in light fixtures and fine art sculpture. It gives your kitchen that appealing modern look on the dishwasher front and shines forth from classic tea pots on the stove.

  1. Parts are reliable

Understanding the material that is used in a part is crucial when designing parts. If you know how the material will react, you know what it should be used for. Most stainless steel parts are chosen for their durability, not their aesthetics. Additionally, stainless steel is easy to manufacture to the specifications needed. Stainless steel is a reliable, durable, readily available material that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

  1. Iconic

.Stainless steel offers that fundamentally industrial look at a glance. You don’t have to knock the plasterboard off the walls and strip them down to the studs to give your home a fresh urban look. That urban, industrial, loft-like look combines easily with your existing decor.

Stainless has been used in design on some very recognizable buildings and monuments. New York City’s Chrysler Building sports a stainless steel pinnacle. The Arch in St. Louis is made of stainless steel. The US Air Force Memorial at Fort Meyer in Arlington, Virginia is stainless steel. Stainless was used to create the M1911 Pistol, which was very popular in both world wars, as well as in the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts. A famous American-made amphibious aircraft, the Fleetwings Sea Bird, which first flew in 1936 was made from stainless steel.