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3 Reasons to Install A Home Generator

In the past, people used to stockpile candles and matches for power outages. Nowadays, people try to make sure there are flashlights prepared. But sometimes, these measures do not work out, the batteries may be dead, or they don’t cast enough light for you to accomplish what you need to. You may be worried about losing all the food in your fridge and freezer. Included here are a few reasons why it is wise for any homeowner to install a generator.

No Food Loss
In most short term power outages, the food loss is insignificant. Everyone eats a carton of ice cream, feels guilty and the power comes back on so they can run on the treadmill. However, in many summer storms, power can be out for days at a time as electric companies struggle to get everyone reconnected. If you like to plan ahead and have a food storage chest freezer or multiple freezers, the amount of food loss over several days can be catastrophic. Many hunters prefer to hunt in the fall and keep their meat for the entire year. If you have a generator hooked up, you can save all of your hard-earned food for the remainder of the year and don’t have to worry about any bacteria or food rot.

Medical Equipment
For most people, a power outage is a mere inconvenience. It is a time to be sat out with cards and is not overly concerning. However, if you are a medical patient dependent on a dialysis machine, power outages can be life or death. Without kidney dialysis, the risk of death greatly increases for these patients; fluid and waste builds up in the system very quickly and can be life-threatening.

Another risk is for individuals dependent on oxygen machines. While many oxygen machines will have a set battery life they will end up needing to be charged. Without power this can be a terrifying time for a patient dependent on their medical aid. Having a generator can ease the minds of both patients and caregivers alike. There will be sufficient power for all equipment to run smoothly and keep everyone healthy.

Air Conditioning
This can be a moderate inconvenience in most regions during a power outage. However, if you live in one of the Southern states and have small children, it can become dangerous quickly. Small children are not able to regulate their temperature as easily as adults and, if they are accustomed to the cool temperature of the house, they may overheat quickly when the air conditioning goes out.
There is also the problem of preparing food for small children. There are some who can easily be sustained on some packaged foods for a time, but what if you have a baby? Your baby will need warmed formula, or heated breast milk, to be sustained during a power outage. By having a generator you can keep your children safe and healthy throughout power outages.