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3 Occasions For Custom Crystal Awards: From Anniversaries to Retirements

An excellent way to show employees that you appreciate the work done by them on a day-to-day basis is to present to them executive office gifts. A random token of appreciation is always welcome, however, to have big occasions at the workplace that involve presenting executive office gifts like custom crystal awards including frames, clocks or plaques are extremely motivating for consistent performance. 3 different types of occasions that are most often typically marked with executive office gifts are:

Recognize Workplace anniversaries

Unlike older times, not many employees today work at the same company for a major duration of their lifetimes. The average length of stay of a employee at a company today is seven years. However, some businesses still foster an environment that encourages its employees to stay for long years. If there is a employee or subordinate who has reached a milestone of a five, 10, 15 or 20 years of service, it is always a great idea to mark their work anniversary with a sort of appreciation token, perhaps engraved crystal awards. Can a marriage work without you remembering the anniversary? Well, similarly, to commemorate with small gifts on smaller anniversaries and crystal awards on milestones can really pay back in terms of employee loyalty, and well, every business runs of employee loyalty and dedication.

Celebrating In-House and Industry Awards

Giving out Awards are a great reason to purchase executive office gifts. Whether the award function is internal to your company or an effort to show extra appreciation for any employee who has excelled on the industry front and won an industry wide award, it is always a nice personal touch to mark this victory with a tangible token of gratitude for the person who has worked so devotedly. While presenting an engraved plaque is a great idea, you might as well print a certificate of appreciation and place it into a special certificate frame or holder to present as an award.

Commemorate Retirement

Most of those who retire from your company is likely to have given to your company a major portion of his lifetime. Irrespective of whether his service for long or short term, the retirement is a big deal for any employee. While many companies hold a small reception with the employees’ family present at the venue or the office to witness the commemoration, to commemorate with a token to appreciate the time and his career with you, with or without the reception, is almost necessary for your employees to want to provide to you a lifetime of services.

Options for Executive Office Gifts

A number of executive gifts can work irrespective of the occasion. Gifts like engraved crystal awards (including clocks, obelisks, and stemware) are a popular choice while corporate gifts like plaques, lapel pins, pens and stationery sets, watches and nameplates are all excellent gift choices to present as a token of appreciation. However, to give someone a plaque for minor achievements or a nameplate on retirement can be inappropriate. With the occasion set right, your employees are sure to rejoice that token of appreciation.