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3 New Online Slot Machines to Play This Winter

Slot machines are perhaps the perfect casual game. They have a very steep learning curve, a set of simple rules that can be learned in no time, and offer loads of action and a sense of accomplishment to their players. This is probably one of the reasons why they are increasingly popular today, both in the social and real money gaming industry. New slot machines are released quite frequently, often capturing the spirit of the season. This December, though, the new games released at Allslots online casino are not about Christmas but escaping the cold and the madness of the holidays instead.

Jungles and superheroes

Instead of the traditional Christmas slot machine, the All Slots Casino has chosen to release a different set of new games this December.

One of them, called Superwilds, is a playful take on the popular superhero genre. Featuring Earth’s Wildest Superheroes, the game takes its players right in the middle of a global crisis that can only be resolved by the super-powered team of Earth’s luckiest heroes: The Spin Twins, Expando-Man, and Multiplier Man. All heroes have their own superpowers: The Spin Twins add more Free Spins to the game, Multiplier Man doubles and triples the players’ wins, while Expando-Man (you guessed it) expands to cover more reels for more wins.

The second out-of-season game released this December at the All Slots Casino takes its players on a journey into the jungles of West Africa. Joining an expedition led by Professor Porter and her young daughter Jane, players will get the chance to meet the King of the Jungle himself, in the person of John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke, better known by his Big Ape name: Tarzan.

The game has everything a slots fan could ask for: fruit and animals, Wilds and stacked symbols (Tarzan, Jane, and the Professor), as well as many bonuses to win. Three or more Bonus symbols will take players to the Jungle Wheel of Fortune, where they will be rewarded for a lucky spin with cash, free spins, or a massive jackpot win.

Future plans

While the year is slowly coming to an end, there are always new things to expect in the next. Among them, one of the most anticipated video slots of the year: Jurassic World, a sequel to 2014’s most successful All Slots game, the Jurassic Park slot machine. There’s not much to know about the game at this time, except that it has been in the works for almost a year by now. Hopefully, it will be worthy both of the movie it’s based on and the highly appreciated predecessor released two years ago.