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There is a first time for everything, your trip to Israel with your university friends or work colleagues can be the first of many group vacations. If it is your first time traveling as a large group, there are many challenges you can face. They may not seem like much, but they do affect your overall trip.

There are three ways you can go about accommodation:

Coordinate and stay at the same hotel

If there is one planner in the group, you can coordinate and stay in the same hotel. Split the rooms according to subgroups, the number of rooms you will take will depend on how many you are. Eating and touring will be done with everyone. However, during situations where you cannot walk together like the Jaffa market in the old Arab quarter in Jerusalem, split according to your subgroups. It is essential to establish a meeting time and place whenever you separate. Keep your phones well-charged and avoid splitting up if you are on low battery, this ensures everyone can be contacted when late or lost.

Go to separate hostels and inns

Not everyone will like the hotel option because of how expensive it is to stay per night. To make sure people do not overspend during the trip, you can stay at different hotels, inns, or hostels. There is plenty of time to talk and interact while touring and taking breaks. When selecting this option make sure that the accommodation is in the same area, preferably walking distance from one another.

If you cannot find a compromise with the neighborhood, you can make it a point to meet up for breakfast near the site you will be visiting. It might be tough to make sure everyone is on time, but with clear communication lines and plenty of early birds—it could work. The benefit of people staying in different neighborhoods is that you can passively explore different parts of the city. If anything is interesting, you can make it a point to bring it up with the rest of the group.

For those who are traveling as a group, but have different interests, you can create subgroups for day trips. Those who want to see the Wailing Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem can travel together while the others visit the Mahane Yehuda Market.

Find a rental for everybody

If you are the type who doesn’t want to break into small groups, you can look at vacation rentals in Israel. There are short term rentals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem rentals on for you to peruse. You can take a break from hiking trails and museum hopping with a day at the lease. You can buy groceries and try your hand at cooking with ingredients that you cannot find at home. A spacious apartment can give you an opportunity to treat this as a vacation where you can relax, not only sightsee.

There are options for every type of group. Ask yourself: what is my primary goal when I am here? It can help you narrow down your choices, with sites you visit and the place you stay.