24 most effective free SEO tools for dominant search engines

Using the right tools ensures you get the right results faster and easily. To begin with, you can fast-track your SERP ranking by creating an account on Scrapbook.

To help you choose the right tools, we have compiled a list of free SEO tools to lead you into SEO stardom.


1. Free Microsoft SEO Toolkit

They are used on the Windows platform. It comes with a bundle of features, such as analyzing the SEO-friendliness of the content and tweaking the site’s robots.txt and sitemaps to develop detailed recommendations.

2. Robots. Txt generator

A robots.txt is a file in your home directory that tells the web robots which action to take on a web page. They can be ignored when malware robots scan your web pages for security reasons.

3.Google Pagespeed Insights

It analyzes the loading speed of web pages on mobile and desktop devices. The tool will also give you a grading score based on the rate and point out areas that need improvement.

4. Moz Local

Moz Local is a free SEO tool showing your business listing on platforms like Google Reviews. Moz Local can reply to Google reviews if connected to your Google My Business account. It can also generate a new listing on the Google My Business account.

It is a keyword generator tool that provides 700+ suggestions and alphabetically lists them for you to choose from. Anyone stuck with coming up with keywords can use this tool.

6. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer Analyzes links coming your way, providing information about which link is more impactful and which web page receives more links.

7. Google Keyword Planner

If you want to know which terms people are searching for, use this tool. By entering a phrase or word, you will be provided with insightful information on search volume and competition and also suggest better keywords you can use

8. Google Trends

Displays the change in the search volume of desired keywords. Once you type in the keyword, it will show you how it is performing and provide you with keywords that show a rising potential

9.QuickSprout Website Analyzer

As its name suggests, it does a holistic analysis of your website. This includes the speed, SEO score, social share score, speed, tags, and competitor comparison.

10. Schema Creator

This tool helps you customize how your website’s data is displayed on search engines such as; people, reviews, events, and organizations. To do this, create a Schema code and copy-paste it to your website.


This is a competitor research tool. Let’s view site traffic between two websites in real-time.

12. SERP rank checker

Ranks your site about specific terms. To do this, key in your website and keyword, and voila! You’ll see your ranking. You can also decide to leave the website field blank.

13. Copyscape

Will search and display duplicated content. When you type the URL of a blog post, it will tell you where else such content exists online.

14. Find Broken Links

It discovers those broken links through a thorough analysis of your site. It will recommend ways how to fix these links promptly.

15. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

Displays how your site ranks in both search and social. Moreover, it shows some of your top terms on the site. It is a free, easy-to-use SEO tool that is readily available on the internet.

16. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup runs a fast audit on your site, checking for perfect tags, and displays some of the errors on your site. With this information at hand, it will give you a rating of 0-100, with 0 being poor and 100 indicating your place is perfect.

17. Browser

Want to see how search engines view your website? Just type your site URL, and the tool will display everything as it appears to the search engines. Such information can help you improve your site for a better SEO ranking.

18.XML Sitemaps

I will create sitemaps for you. When you enter the URL site, XML Sitemap will generate a sitemap uploaded to Google Webmaster Tools.

19. Google Webmaster Tools

It is a useful tool for consistent web analysis giving you an overview of how your site appears to search engines. It will provide error reports and let you see any alerts or indexing errors and issues.


It is a free keyword ranker tool. It automatically checks your keyword ranking on several search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.


This SEO tool pings your URL in all dominant search engines. It comes as a breather to people craving to ping their sites. Now, with this site, you can do it in seconds.

22. Linkody

Linkody will let you track your site and your competitor’s backlinks daily. If some links are bad, its disavow feature will allow you to easily submit them to Google to avoid penalties.

23. Scrapebox

It is one of the best keyword tools. It lets you view which backlinks run malware by running the malware and phishing filter. Scrapebox will automatically provide a list of blogs that can accept your guest post based on your niche.

24. Pingdom

Pingdom helps you analyze the loading speed of your sites. It does this by providing solutions to improve the site’s performance.


The above SEO tools can help you to have a better SEO ranking on dominant search engines. The best part is that these tools are freely available on the internet. Additionally, you don’t need to be an expert to use them; go through their manuals, and you will have a smooth time using them.

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