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2012 Awesome New Smiley Codes List for Facebook

Check out the awsome 2012 Smiley for Facebook



Smileys are the best way to express your mood, or what you are feeling right now without typing anything but by just showing a nice emoticon that expresses everything, well we have already posted many stuff on Facebook like and these new codes join that awesome list so check image on the right demonstrating some emoticons I just messaged to my dear friend.

So I just grabbed all the codes and messaged to check if every emoticon was working or not and well yes every emoticon is working and is also rich in color and contrast so you will simply love using them.

How to use these 2012 Smiley for Facebook :

So now if you like emoticons demonstrated in the image above than you should check all the codes below for using them. Now just copy any code you like and paste them in your chat than click on Enter and your emoticon will be displayed.

[[f9.laugh]] [[f9.sad]] [[f9.angry]] [[f9.sleepy]] [[f9.shock]] [[f9.kiss]] [[f9.inlove]] [[]] [[]] [[f9.rain]] [[f9.bomb]] [[f9.sun]] [[f9.heart]] [[f9.heartbreak]] [[]] [[f9.ghost]] [[f9.brb]] [[]] [[]] [[f9.adore]] [[f9.angel]] [[f9.baloons]] [[f9.bowl]] [[f9.cake]] [[f9.callme]] [[f9.clap]] [[f9.confused]] [[f9.curllip]] [[f9.devilface]] [[f9.lying]] [[f9.rofl]] [[f9.billiard]] [[f9.cakepiece]] [[f9.rosedown]] [[f9.shutmouth]] [[f9.shy]] [[f9.silly]] [[f9.tongue1]] [[f9.fastfood]] [[f9.ring]] [[f9.plate]] [[f9.candle]] [[]]

So now just try using them on Facebook and enjoy with your friends and family members hope these emoticons entertain all your buddies do share this post with all of them so that they can also enjoy 🙂