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$100,000 payday for discoverer of Microsoft home windows worm

The Windows 8.1 Preview.

The windows 8.1 Preview.

With little more than a week ahead of windows eight.1’s rollout, Microsoft says it dished out its largest ever reward to a British researcher who discovered a chink within the armor of the new running device.

In step with The Guardian, James Forshaw uncovered a malicious program in a preview model of windows 8.1 that hackers may exploit. The London resident is a security researcher through trade.

Microsoft paid Forshaw $a hundred, 000, the primary time it has paid the sort of large reward.

No longer bad for 3 and half weeks of labor.

Katie Missouri‚Äôs, Microsoft senior safety strategist, advised the paper that Forshaw’s discovery was particularly treasured because it learned a brand new methodology of attack and its variants. Thanks to a newfound ability to defend against whole classes of attacks, Microsoft paid more as a result of than it will for an individual bug discovery.

Microsoft has opened preorders for windows eight.1, the update coming later in October 18 that is designed to make it easier for people to soak up the dramatically different interface that windows eight offered.

Home windows 8 fell flat with many shoppers through booting into a start page coated with excessive-contrast app rectangles fairly than the familiar pc with its begin button. In eight.1, Microsoft reinstates the start button and offers users the method to boot their systems into the previous-model desktop interface.